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  1. Very good answer. One little information to add for the first question. When passing 1000ft AGL (at most, if not all airlines) your approach has to be stabilized. That means: Flaps set, gear down, speed okay and on the Glide Slope. So in real life you won’t even reach 300ft AGL when you are significantly too fast, because you would go around before.
  2. The Dude is doing that in the Video, so it should be alright. Of course you could also specify a wind component for climb and descend, if you have it available. Otherwise it is okay to just enter the average wind like you said. If you use the format you mentioned, you take the wind direction into account already. P003 means that you have an average tail wind component of 3 knots. This number was computed based on the wind speed and direction relative to your track.
  3. The registration is a fixed part of the livery on this plane, so you can't change it that easily. I believe that you need to create a new repaint for this plane and use another registration then.
  4. I cannot tell you why, but this is how it is on all/ most US-registered planes. Check a real picture of the N508AE here: https://www.planespotters.net/search?q=n508ae
  5. Maybe some type rated pilot can help her. But in my understanding the landing elevation has absolutely no influence on the pressurization during the flight. It only helps the system to manage the descend so that the cabin is not pressurized anymore when landing. But please correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Yeah, it is getting a bit silly with Aerosoft. I was really hyped during the last weeks and quite excited for today. But the way how it is handled by Aerosoft is getting quite tiring. I was waiting and reading here in the forum all day but I am getting bored now. In the end it’s just a game and the hype has gone way too far. Aerosoft took advantage of it, that’s completely normal. Somehow I just realized that and now I will go back to my real life for a while. 😂😂😂
  7. I was never into “fake liveries” and wouldn’t use them in the sim. But the Air Baltic one looks great, would be cool if they’d have the CRJ in real life. 🤩
  8. I see my plan for today in danger as well. I wanted to start setting up my controls and do some testing in the afternoon after ending my work, then have dinner and then have a flight ok vatsim. But I think I can forget about it. I can somehow understand the decision to synchronize the launch with Microsoft. But it is quite disappointing
  9. Tbh, I think when you are really I to aviation, you know a vast majority of all airlines worldwide. And when doing a video, I would at leas research a bit before. 😉
  10. Thanks for clarification, I really didn’t know that and I didn’t want to talk bad in any way about him. when watching his videos I just got the feeling that he’s not really taking it that seriously
  11. Yeah, I feel the same. His videos are not bad. But to be honest he doesn’t seem to be an expert in aviation and proper flying. He is more on the entertaining casual side, than on the hardcore simmer side.
  12. I didn’t watch the video, so I don’t know exactly what you mean. But it is perfectly normal that the CRJ, as all planes with tail mounted engines(they are higher than the center of gravity), has a pitch up moment when decreasing thrust (exactly the opposite from engine mounted planes). So it’s crucial to not flare too early because then the plane will pitch up and hit the runway quite hard. The height to flare a CRJ is 20-30 feet.
  13. Of course it fits well. Was asked and answered countless times in the last days.
  14. Just pick the flight you want to do and check on the flights playback on flightradar. Oftentimes you can already see the ground movement so you can see on which position the flight started.
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