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  1. Hi The version you used before worked fine for RTO and Landing?
  2. Hi I uploaded a version that "should" (I don't have those unit to test) do with PFC Rudder. Please go to http://www.technicalservicerichter.com and there you will find on Download page below the link. Please let me know if this works. You need to select of course the checkbox for PFC Rudder
  3. Hi So have you been able to do the setup in FSUIPC for Offset 6DB0 Bit0 and Bit1 like it is described?
  4. Hi This is one of the problems in FS but opposide! That means with the original Autobrake it will be active up to the aircraft has fully stopped and you are not able to disarm with manual braking or any other, only switching off the autobrake will do. But you say your Autobrake disarm on touch down, so a system controls this already. I would guess that this is then already done by the PFC driver. Are the brakes well calibrated, you don't see any brake info?
  5. Hi By installing the program it doesn't change anything in FS at all because any changes to FS you have to do manually on your own. And any changes you do have only an effect if the program is running and for this YOU need to start it or you implemented an Autostart in FS or FSUIPC for this (or Windows). This is as well not done by an installer. So by uninstalling the program you will have some INI and/or log files the installer don't know and so it will not remove this files from your system. But to let the program run you still need all files and you need to start it anyway! Do
  6. Hi Like the manual describes the addon ac's like pmdg or leveld are not supported with their own panels. So for the 8 position funktion you need to use the 0x6DB1 Offset.
  7. Hi There is no realistic setting because this option is like it is described for thgose they do have digital pedals or don*t want use their analog function.
  8. Hi Why do you use very old versions of FSUIPC only? May be you should try the current version first at all ! The current version is 4.507 and make sure you install FSUIPC correct like it is described!
  9. 1. Offsets und deren handling sind in Peter Dowson's Manual für FSUIPC ausführlich erklärt. 2. Wenn die Activierung der AB-Position im Programm-Panel vorgenommen wird und nicht im FS-Panel, wie im Manual beschrieben, functioniert es. 3. Ist ebenfalls im Manual beschrieben jedoch nicht als komplette Anleitung da die Panel.cfg Beschreibung in den entsprechenden Manuals von Microsoft Flight Simulator erfolg. 4. Hat nichts mit TSR zu tun da dieses Programm nicht bestandteil von FS ist und keinerlei Zugriffe auf FS vornimmt. Es wird nur die FSUIPC angesprochen! 5. Mit Pedals ja, ohne Pedals wird ei
  10. The program works with FS9 and as well with FSX but the minimum requirement is a unregistered FSUIPC (FSX = 4.x, FS9=3.x). The program sees by itself which version is running and uses the different handling internal.
  11. That's what I thought, may be something wrong with the new FSUIPC versions.
  12. For FSX I use at the moment Vers. 4.413 For FS9 I use at the moment Vers. 3.865
  13. In the case there has only been a internal code change in some areas but not for the pedal handling and nothing of the program itself is registered in Windows I think you changed something together with this update by side. May be FSUIPC update?
  14. Did the earlier version work for you before you updated ?
  15. Hi The Program can work with any Aircraft because it is a standalone application. There are several ways to define. 1/ without a registered version of FSUIPC There is asmall Panel you can activate that you can move to somewhere on the screen you want (only visible in FS9 / FSX Window Mode). When you then move the mouse pointer just above the position you would like to have the program switches to rhis position, as well visible the actual position. It is NOT needed to click on the position, just moving the mouse pointer is good. 2/ with a registered version of FSUIPC a - You can define keys
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