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  1. I also agree that for night flying the EFB screen is very bright and there is only one brightness adjustment range. And where does, for example, my HDR brightness settings in P3D ?! That is, in your opinion, I should make a minimum of HDR settings in order to reduce the glow of the EFB screen and thereby change my general picture settings for the simulator itself. Some strange logic to get out of this problem.
  2. Could you tell the further development for A321/320/319 towards the improvement of the visual model? For example, PBR textures. Many would like to see this visual line (321/320/319) at the level of A330.
  3. Aerosoft airbus professional
  4. Could you tell me, is it possible to add the button with name PEDAL DISC on ‘tiller’ on the joystick button? I haven't t found anything in the purpose setting of Prepar3D v4 and FSUIPC5.It isn't convenient to look at the PEDAL DISC button during driving.
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