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  1. I made a quick test based on what Captain Tim says here and he's right, all of the fields from the OFP manual work when you create a file for crew info. Not sure how useful this is right now because I can't figure out how to get this into a briefing package.
  2. I encountered the problem in this thread too. How can I fix this myself?
  3. Splendid news on all counts. The daily value I derive from PFPX is almost immeasurable. I do have a question about the VA feature as it isn't clear how it can be used. Thank you.
  4. Vand8B, It has to do with FSEconomy putting all fuel into aft first instead of evenly distributing it. I have to have fuller tanks in order for the plane to work with FSEconomy. The alternative is to fuel it yourself and hit the weight/volume prescribed for the flight.
  5. Same issue. I'm unable to get it to work with Active Sky because I can't set it fast enough.
  6. Thank you for the reply. This is highly disappointing as it amounts to full price for some of your professional line and not full price for others. That there does not seem to be a consistent upgrade path makes for the "professional" branding to be confusing. Moreover, the application of discount is not uniform across this pathways to this professional line. What are the odds now that we continue to pay full price every time there is a platform progression? Please reserve different language for the things you do produce and those that you are a broker for. Using unified branding (the "Professional" line) is now a bit of a mess as a result. Please let your German Airports developers know how displeasing this is to their customers.
  7. Hello Oliver, Does the product manager or the developer have some feedback? I am happy to pay an upgrade price in keeping with the rest of the professional line. However, as customers of the previous package, I hope to not have to pay full price again for every P3D4-converted Germany Airports Scenery please. Thank you.
  8. Thank you Oliver. I await the outcome.
  9. Hello, I followed this discussion and the outcome regarding upgrades to Hamburg: I reopen this inquiry as my Download shop account says this: German Airports 3 X and under the downloads this appears (attached file has an image). It shows that I do own qualifying products for the upgrade. Why am I not being offered the upgrade when I enter the serial for this product? Thank you.
  10. What can I do if my order is stuck in processing?
  11. If you are serious about simming airliners, it is, and always has been, about memory exhaustion. The exponential growth of addressable space in 64-bit (2^64) is so vast that you'll run out of your ability to physically accommodate that potential. In the last 5 years, running out of this addressable memory space (Virtual Address Space) has made airliner (and particularly long-haul) simming very unsatisfying. To prove a point - and rejoice - I've flown long haul many times per week since June. I too dread the money I am re-spending on these addons. But "they"got me on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, and now subscriptions for streaming and each was so I could harness the current wave of technology for my benefit. You would think that porting old 32-bit code would be straightforward, and it is potentially so. However, it seems like Aerosoft's move is to go ahead and renovate other parts of the house if they're going to have to tear up the floor anyhow. I personally would have PAID to have the simple portover now, but since Aerosoft wants to progress the product, they would undercut their own sales if they went for the quick fix. Further, there are alternatives in the market and it is likely Aerosoft is maturing this product line - see "Professional" in the title? - in order to remain competitive both head-to-head and in a relative sense in terms of the price/value/depth balance. I miss having a 'bus as well, but I've having such an orgy of longhaul that shorthaul is not really on the menu now. Shame, since I purchased the long-awaited CRJ-700/900 only to have it sit in the hangar. 32-bit was forcing me into shorter legs out of fear for resource exhaustion and now I can fly LOOOOOOOOOONG legs and have confidence in my ability to complete. It is for this reason that he MOST depressing news in this new post is further delay to the A330 product - for longhaul of course. Greetings!
  12. I originally posted this: These gates/stands on the south side of the airport are backwards where aircraft face the wrong way. And got response that the parking stands are bi-directional in reality. Thank you for that reply. I meant to answer there, but I wasn't quick enough. My follow up question: would you consider making this configurable in the EGLLConfig tool? It is quite difficult to pull a 180 degree turn in place when other aircraft are parked. I'd like to park in these spots facing south rather than north. Thank you for considering it.
  13. These gates/stands on the south side of the airport are backwards where aircraft face the wrong way.
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