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  1. I see the writing, and I see the wall. Glad there's an SDK for P3D and XP11.
  2. Thank you Mathijs, The position is crystal clear and availability on a variety of platforms is appreciated. If the market makes you move away from LM, because of their missteps or because "casuals" don't have to work with P3D now that an entertainment title is again available, then P3D folks lose. As long as P3D lives, I'll protect my investments there. I am certain that is why a nagging FSX community lingered. The P3D product also accommodates learning uses, which are consistent with how I derive value from the platform. Looking forward to how it all pans out and hopeful that some commercial resonance remains for LM.
  3. Hi Mathijis, For clarity, which I could have done a better job on in my post above, I concur on the aircraft space and only mention aircraft as, once they exist, there will be ongoing interest in them. I should have specified that some scenery projects seem to die on the vine due to the content provider evaporating. Two examples come to mind: KSMF and EFHK. My advocacy is that, for as much as possible, IP move forward on platforms, which of course I see is happening with MSFS. Perhaps I should have advocated that more in-house development occur or that rights to moving forward on platforms be retained. Everything about MSFS says that it is rooted in its predecessor enough, at least scenery-wise, that products can be sustained. Very short version: develop more in house so the sting of developer dissolution/disinterest doesn't leave holes in airport coverage. It would seem that Microsoft has left the door open for airport scenery and aircraft in the new base product. The need is even greater with the "legacy" platforms. Thanks.
  4. Thank you both for your clear answers. It is up to LM to maintain whatever market share that suits their business model as well. For certain use cases, for the moment, I do not deem the latest Microsoft platform to be suitable. While there is nothing quite like the marketing prowess of a large company to really drive the market, I didn't imagine, given the long lead time for development projects, that Aerosoft would place all of their eggs in the basked that is the new simulator from Microsoft. However, it is apparent from your kind replies that this might be the case given you presently see no basis for "... any serious new project." In the end, those aren't my decisions, but one way to change a market is to deprive it of oxygen and that is how it seems you are interpreting the data. That clear and honest answer is appreciated. I agree with Dave's observations regarding the premature release of the latest version of P3D - Alas, I too am on 4.5HF3 for stability. However, I could make very similar arguments regarding MSFS. It would seem the difference is that anything related to MSFS is selling like hot cakes. In all cases, as you've both alluded to, "time will tell." The maturity of the ESP/P3D platform helps me make my own decisions, but I had hoped that a multi-platform strategy would be Aerosoft's position moving forward. Thanks for the replies!
  5. For the CEO... The space that Aerosoft occupies - retailer, curator, and developer - creates, at times, a conflicting posture. Often, projects are abandoned as it seems that aerosoft does not retain any rights to maintain a product as the underlying sim platforms evolve. It would be nice to see commitment to certain products across the evolutionary changes in the underlying platforms. I am not asking for a freebie in perpetuity here as I understand paying incremental fees to offset the development required. However, the product portfolio seems to ebb and flow and two things seem to be true in light of this: 1) once an aircraft exists, short of it not selling well for your, it is an item of interest, and 2) the underlying materials - models, textures, techniques - don't seem to change radically enough such that they don't retain enough residual value. I suppose what I am suggesting is that Aerosoft is mature enough as a company to move away from "curator" and take an active role in developing or at least sub-contracting where you retain rights to maintain and improve products. Thank you.
  6. Hello, it is a month or so since MSFS has been out. Has anything changed about your long-term plans to continue support for P3D 64-bit platforms? Unlike FSX, there seems to be intent that Lockheed Martin will continue with the platform and there are customers, such as myself, who will stick with that sim platform and continue to invest in it. Thank you.
  7. Hello Aerosoft, In the Airbus fora, you convey both your excitement for MSFS and your displeasure with P3Dv5. On the topic of aircraft, sceneries, and tools, what are your long-term intentions for P3D? Thank you.
  8. It is a feature and it is horrible. PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE aerosoft: Let us disable EFB (I realize it is a part of the model, but please let us disable it) Allow the EFB to pick up the login WITHOUT having to close and reopen the sim (or even go to another aircraft and back) Let us disable charts Allow us to lower the brightness I get set up for a flight, do all the preparation, and then have this happen to me. Even worse, I switch back to NavDataPro (I don't subscribe) as the Charts provider and the configurator does not obey the selection. PLEASE MAKE CHARTS OPTIONAL! The non-optional EFB has not made the Airbus Family a better product for me. Jeff
  9. I had this error the other night. As with others, only with the A330.
  10. There are many concessions made in this product, and many of the aerosoft airbuses before them to accommodate simmers: The settings/3rd MCDU Pause at TOD Instant loading via the settings MCDU "magic" pushback mechanisms through the MCDU The checklist/autopilot feature Controlling the doors from the settings MCDU ACFT Thrust Bump And others I'm sure I failed to cover. As it has been nearly 6 months since the OP's request, I ask Aerosoft to consider this vital feature for long haul pilots who might want to do other things (and like the OP sleep for a bit) during a 8+ hour flight. I see no difference between the logic of Pause at TOD and Auto Step Climb. I am afraid that a high reluctance to implement that which is not in the real plane has already been yielded to other creature comforts to make the simmer's life easier and use of the product more enjoyable. I did my first long haul from LFPO to KSFO in the A330-343 last night, which should be reasonably within the A330-343's capabilities (air distance of 5125 nm last night) and, given that I had to pick a compromise set altitude, I was barely able to make it. I love the product (the flight was amazing), but please consider allowing users a fuller experience by implementing an Auto Step Climb feature. Thank you for considering this request.
  11. Hi, Great trick that I didn't think of. Thank you.
  12. Hello, as I have P3D4.5 and P3D5 installed, is there a way to export to both? Also, since other third-parties install to both folders, who about supporting add-ons for both? Am I missing something?
  13. where are the beta versions? Everytime I log into the aerosoft updater, it doesn't show betas.
  14. If Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 turns out to be our "No Man's Sky," I'll at least be entertained. Its a shame that P3D4x didn't take us where we thought we were headed. I remember the heady days of the 64-bit onset of P3Dv4 in 2017 and thought we'd finally have a settling in period. Then XP11 took off. The add-on market feels less settled as a result. MFS2020 is being made out to be the second coming, I hope all eggs aren't going into a single basket. Microsoft is certainly going to deflate P3Dv5 and I can't see how folks will shell out to realize their sim dreams in Prepar3d, XP11/12, and MFS. That'd be like getting the same game for Playstation, Xbox, and Sega (or whatever). The baby buses seem to be in good enough shape and provide more value than other alternatives.
  15. Thank you Joan, This line: (A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) 1 ==  Wouldn't be working on its own because it is not conditional to the if statement without the && operator (& & because it is an XML file)
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