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  1. So some missing things in AFCAD, which can be fixed in my Eyes. But we are Still collecting on Vatsim in dayly use what makes trouble. All D Gates have names who not realy show which one is mean. Gates D20-D22 are not existing in AFCAD all D*A gates are Missing, All B*A and B*B Gates are missing or wrong Named. B15 is Missing and is marked in the Scenery as the second B14 Gate in Afcad as B1502. Some of the normal B Gates are wrong named. A11/12 are marked as A23/24. When I found more I will report it.
  2. One Bug I found is next to the wrong ILS Frequenz in P3Dv4 is also that B14 and B15 are combined to B14 see Picture so you can't use B15 with gsx
  3. Not compatible with P3Dv4 sadly theire will it be the file EDDB_AFX-OP01-BER Funktioniert bloß leider nicht in v4. Da müsste es dann die EDDB_AFX-OP01-BER sein, ist da aber inkompatibel
  4. I have now fun. I use the Scenery in V5 and P3Dv4 so that i have in v4 now the funny Problem that all runway are now double. How can this be fix?
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