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  1. Weird. I'll keep trouble shooting.
  2. I've followed the direction from that article, and it's still giving me the error.
  3. So the solution is to delete the folder?
  4. I believe that this is it. The Navigraph folder is found under General/A3XX Navigraph. I also get a ND terrain error, does it have something to do with the terrain file in the general/TerrOnND folder?
  5. Here is the default NavData folder. I got tired of re-installing the airbus, so I haven't tried to update the Navigraph AIRAC since the 6th time.
  6. I get this error only when I update the AIRAC database with Navigraph - even with the Navigraph box checked on the configuration tool. I'm thinking that it's a navigation database issue. Which one are you using? I've got a clean install, no anti-virus (brand new computer with no bloatware), and everything is installed where it should go. I keep checking all the folder routes and everything checks. Is it an AIRAC database issue?
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