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  1. I had the same problems. I'm using Avast Antivirus, and had to make an exception (or turn off Avast) to make it work. No errors and nothing in the logs - it just shut down a second after starting it...
  2. I'm having the same problem, but by disabling Avast Antivirus I was able to start it again. Add C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Aerosoft as an exception will also work.
  3. Strange... I emptied all the Windows-logs before trying, and now it suddenly works. A file is created in the Logs folder, and the updater started as it should. Prior to this - no file at all in the Logs folder, and the updater only popped up with a white frame for a second, then closing again immidiately. Problem seems fixed for now!
  4. I'm having the same problem as the rest. Opening a white window and then crash. No files in the Logs-folder. Tried with the ASUpdater_1600_Test_2.zip too - no luck! ASUpdater.cfg asupdater.xml as_airport_trondheim_msfs.xml as_paderborn-lippstadt_msfs.xml
  5. I might have come from devmode prior to starting this flight, but it wasn't active, and I never use exclusion rectangles 🙂 But you're probably right... Must be something still hanging from devmode.
  6. I get these yellow lines... (MSFS No conflicting scenery as far as I can see, and devmode turned off.
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