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  1. Could anyone please make a SAS operated by Cityjet repaint, with EI- registration?
  2. Hi guys, Recently installed the newest version of Aerosoft ENBR under P3D v4 and I am experiencing very annoying microstutters. In fact I do not get any stutters in literally dozens of other sceenery products but for some reason yet unknown to me Bergen stutters very annoyingly. Came across a some posts whether it could be a false placement of the SODE files but I do not even have the above mentioned "double" Simobjects directory yet the stuttering is real. I am wondering if there's any ideas where this issue lies as it is limited to Bergen only at least on my system it's only this one and only airport - I was hoping it's the incorrect SODE directory and in that case I can apply the above fix but "unfortunately" that seems to be fixed already and it means my issue is something else.
  3. Air Transat A330-300 http://www.aviationgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/C-GCTS-Air-Transat-Airbus-A330-300_PlanespottersNet_310436.jpg
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