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  1. Hi Dave Thanks for your quick response regarding the issue, i was able to do a clean reinstall of the Nvidia drivers through geforce experience app.i'm glad to say that everything with the a330 is working normally again Many thanks for your advice and help
  2. Hi guys Just bought and installed the A330 for P3D V5, I'am currently experiencing constant DXGI Error Hung (RTX 2060 Super) Has stopped working messages usually after a few mins with the airbus sat on the runway or gate. I have not experienced this problem with the PMDG 747 or Qualitywings 787, Only seems to be the A330 at the moment. I have tried looking up in the forums for this problem but to no avail, would anyone be able to help in identifying and hopefully fixing this error? Many thanks
  3. Hi, will the professional sceneries be getting PBR updates? thanks
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