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  1. Hi, will the professional sceneries be getting PBR updates? thanks
  2. yeah just did the same thing and its now working again, cheers buddy
  3. Hi have updated the airbus and now it has seem to have gone back to the half missing texture problem again, have followed Stefans step by step guide to no avail is there a fix for this at all? many thanks
  4. ah i see, so there's nothing to be concerned about then?
  5. same here, seems to be coming from the airbus professional folder, can anyone shed any light on this? cheers
  6. So after resolving the issue with the camera views, i have to say that its great to be flying the ol' bus again, was starting to get bored with the 737 lol Great work on the airbus lads!
  7. Right i think i have solved the problem, basically all i did was updated the camera files in the EZDOK v2 config and that has seemed to have solved the missing livery problem Thanks for the help lads!
  8. update, i'am testing the a318 liveries and it seems to be working fine, will test the a319 now and get back to you
  9. i would say that it isnt GPU related as all my other models, PMDG, default, qualitywings etc,, work fine without this issue, its only occuring with the airbus
  10. currently updated is the client, content and SDK, although i still do have the previous v4 versions SDK still installed
  11. Hi Mathijs, yes i'am using p3d v4.3, all has been installed into the correct paths etc...
  12. Hi just purchased the a319/a318 professional, all well is good until ive noticed that the fuselage is mostly white with remnants of the livery still on the engines and wings, just wondered what is causing this problem?
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