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  1. Hey guys, This really is fantastic news, and as with everyone else I would love to help out, FSX is good, but its no where near as good as it could and should have been, so here are a few of my suggestions, or backing up others : - Sloping Runways A very important feature I think, its only really seen in a payware product for Courchevel, and if modeled well is a very impressive and challenging factor. No runway in the world is completely flat, and curved runways, even only slightly like at Manchester EGCC would make landings ever so slightly more interesting and, as mentioned before, challenging. - Realistic ATC I think most people want this, and unfortunately I think it will be one of the most difficult tasks. However, realistic ATC will be one of the fundemental factors of creating an immersive enviroment, where you are communicating with ATC, not just listening and reading back. Also, FSX misses oppertunities for Emergencies etc, and when you switch your Transponder to 7700 for example all that happens is that you are told to reset to your assigned code. What would be better is if ATC asked to confirm maydays, and then followed real-world procedures to divert to the nearest available. - More realistic Weather This is broken down into two parts : 1) More realistic weather representation, through use of dewpoints that actually affect anything, aswell as moisture like Mathijs mentioned before. Also, I think turbulence could be modelled better, with better sounds and vibrating effects. 2) Much more appealing textures, I think getting the folks from REX on board would be perfect. They have turned FSX from a series of dull textures and boring clouds to an extremely beautiful "world". On the same note default ground textures and runway textures should be better than the FSX counterparts, which in comparisson to REX are just plain rubbish. However, saying this, I do realise the performance hit that would be created, however I have heard somewhere that FSX wasnt designed or coded well enough to fully eek out all the potential from one's computer system, and therefore if this new simulation was coded well enough these improvements could in theory be made without a performance hit. If i'm wrong however do point it out. - Better Online Mode However good IVAO and VATSIM are they are a faff to get started with. Now, as we all know, the intergrated FSX/Gamespy online mode is utterly shocking and barely works, so a better version of this, which is easy to get started with , would be great - and this would fix the atc problem, however I do not think that purely online is the way forward for atc or the whole simulation as it does leave some people - ironically without a voice on these forums for lack of internet - out. - General Factors yet still important Runway rumble and noise - When landing or taking off I think the feeling of actually running over puddles/centre lights/ holes in the runway can be better modelled through aircraft movements and noise. I see this is a feature of AES, so it may not be the most difficult thing to intergrate. Better airport service movements - Again a feature of AES, de-icing, fuel trucks, catering vehicles etc should play a bigger role. Allow for serious 3rd party involvment - Not having Captain Sim's amazing 757 would be a crying shame also I think that fully modelling aircraft will just add to Aerosoft's work load, and as amazing VC's and Virtual Cabins are not a must, but a real plus point, allowing for others to create these wonders is a fine idea. There will be other ideas which i may add later, but for now, i hope ive covered some interesting things Alex P.S - Best of luck Aerosoft, this is what the FS commuity needs
  2. 2008_9_9_17_14_34_513.BMP 2008_9_9_17_7_30_708.BMPany better?
  3. thanks! it is the lower set actually.....sorry if theyre not of a good enough quality =/
  4. Gotta say, great scenery guys, hopefully my pics will be able to show at least some of the detail and work in this product... I only have one problem with this scenery, as you can see in the Left Engine pic the photographic scenery is a bit blurred, and all ares that dont have any objects, and is just photoraphic is also blurred... Anyhoo, enjoy the shots and the scenery Alex
  5. Yep, it worked, Thanks Tibbo, can't believe I missed that! Alex
  6. Hi, I've reinstalled Mega Heathrow onto FSX SP2 and found that even at 100% there is no traffic at Heathrow, yet there is at other airports. Im currently using WOAI with packages that should fly to Heathrow like BA. Thanks for any help Alex
  7. Many thanks to both of you, I'm personally holding out for an FSX BAe, wouldnt like to purchase the old version and see a new one be released! Thanks again, I'll have a look at various panels and experiances etc. Yours Alex
  8. Hi, I remember seeing most propably in this forum something about the Eurowings BAe146 and its compatability with FSX. However after a few searches in the forum I dont seem to be able to find said post. So to clear up does anyone know if she will work in FSX, wether theres a patch or if a whole new product is in the pipe line. Many Thanks Alex
  9. The sarcasm could knock over a bull! Sorry for asking the obvious, Im just hesitant to lose them.
  10. Hi Shaun, does this mean that the nice light poles are gone, they looked good and liked them for some pics
  11. I was wondering as with one addon it did, but it was an FS9 aircraft and is propably buggy at most places, due perhaps to incorrect contact points (?) the wheels never really look as theyre touching the ground! Thanks, Alex
  12. Hi guys, I was wondering if anything Manchester EGCC related was in the works, after a pretty realistic job on London Heathrow. If its not your policy to release anything then please don't mind me Alex
  13. Ok, thansks Thorsten, I have removed it and it all seems to work fine. This won't make the aircraft 'jump' or 'sink' into the taxiway when they are taxiiing?
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