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  1. First of all, I am no developer and I basically have no idea how DL works. But, what I can say is that flying online on VATSIM normally won't staff your airport too full. So, it might not be the ai-traffic. Moreover, other airports can handle DL quite well in contrast to EDDF, at least in my sim. So, I keep guessing it might be the scenery. However, this is just a subjective guess according to my pc and sim.
  2. My DL in the parking area looks even worse. However, the rest of the airport looks just fine.
  3. As I am part of a Lufthansa family I cannot confirm that, lol.
  4. I purchased P3D v4 some days ago. How is it possible to integrate the Aerosoft A320 into the P3D v4, by not waiting until August? I don't wanna fly 747 so long...
  5. I apologize if I am in the wrong thread. Requesting SODE-Jetways for Mega Airport Frankfurt v2. Greetings!
  6. Airbus, Airbus and more Airbus.

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