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  1. Nice! That's the OEJN Jeddah International transit lounge / arrival-departure gates, right? Passengers exit the building at numbered doors (gates) and board buses that take them to their plane. I have been there many times. Really looking forward to this one! Thank you Kevin
  2. It isn't exactly a field of flowers but rather a field of flowering rapeseed typically in the early spring. As is typical of farmers in Switzerland they rotate crops so that next year they will plant wheat or barley or sunflowers or corn. In other words the spring theme would be a nice idea but might paint a static picture that isn't so in real life.
  3. This is a great surprise! The VA I belong to has twice weekly cargo flights Zurich to Yekaterinburg via Nizhny Novgorod. There are reasonably good freeware sceneries available for both. And now a high quality payware! This is great thank you.
  4. Thanks Shaun, I turned off the virus killer and the download and install went fine. Strange though that the anti virus got into its head that the file contained a threat. All the other files I have downloaded from Simmarket have always passed the test so to speak, and that's a wagonload of files since September 2002! Best regards, Kevin
  5. Hello to all, I have the same problem as danny124. Other downloads from Simmarket are fine but not this one. My anti-virus is MacAfee. Any clues? Thanks
  6. Orly finally, As the people from Rungis would say (or would they as direct neighbours). Here is a musical link that dates back to the early 1960's. Gilbert Becaud was a great French crooner who, in such instance, wrote a song about Orly (the main Parisian airport in those days). It's kind of corny undoubtedly, but mind you it's pretty old (dig the Hammond sound, notably), as is the airport itself. The song celebrates the symbol of freedom portrayed by these great aircraft "freely" droning through immediate airspace, 24/7, onto distant romantic, uncertain places; all this seen from the idealistic eyes of an 8 to 5er, living in the Grey Paris suburbs adjacent to Orly, whose short-term dream is to catch up with those birds on Sunday when he finally has a moment to spare for himself. Orly maintains, to this day, a 60-ish atmosphere. It is old and cheesy, old and worn, yet retains a certain mystique. It is an architectural anomaly, an anachronism, as if you'd expect a Caravelle, followed by a B-707 to rip through the enlivened skies. I look forward to Orly by Aerosoft. In the meantime, here is the link to the song that used to put plane spotters to sleep better than a nursery rhyme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_qIQK1dG-0 "...Oui j'irai, dimanche à Orly..." Happy flying Kevin
  7. Hello everyone, I use a very helpful and easy to use software called "SCM2004 Scenery Manager" by Hans Hartmann. It is freeware available on Avsim. I highly recommend it. I have no problems or worries with numbering my sceneries. This is done and updated automatically. I can declare several sceneries at the same time, re-arrange them, drag-drop, copy paste entire sections, etc. Very helpful and user friendly indeed. Happy Flying Kevin
  8. Hello everyone, Regarding UT and misplaced bridges and the rest, have you tried this? http://www.qlrp4ut.com/ It sure solved many problems for me. Also, if you are using UT and add on sceneries together, check for available patches: http://www.scenerysolutions.com/Compatibility/ Happy flying Kevin
  9. Yes I do. Wasn't that the one that came in a brown fliptop box and large maps of the US? Also, the game had a special feature if I remember: "Roger" the co-pilot!
  10. I started with flight simulation on my commodore 64 computer back in 1984 with the ancestor of MSFS made by a company called Sublogic. It was good fun and imagination had to compensate for the lack of graphics back in those days. I have limited the frames to 30 FPS in FSX as apparently the human eye can't really notice much difference above 24-25 fps (hence the international movie standard). I have all my sliders maxed-out except one or two which I prefer not to use such as ground shadows which does use up resources and that I don't find very attractive anyway. The result is a very smooth and reliable virtual flight environment with crisp, (indeed) "lush" graphics especially when using add ons such as the Ultimate Terrain and Ground / Flight Environment series. This being said, I might go and get that F-16!
  11. Hello Mathijs, Could you please update us as to whether this scenery will be released at some point? Thank you
  12. I enjoyed reading Marc's "FS9 fundamentalist rant" spoof. As all good spoof's, it is just good tongue-in-cheek humour. I am still using FS9 (on my old computer) and enjoy it very much but I have recently switched to a top-end Dell XPS 720 and I must confirm that FSX works very smoothly (with both service packs installed), especially (but not exclusively) with sceneries and aircraft conceived specifically for FSX (i.e. not hybrid's or mere upgrades). For my part, I will keep using FS9 in the meantime for FS software that is not compatible with FSX. However, as time goes by my focus will inevitably shift towards FSX as I now have the hardware to take advantage of it, perhaps not fully, but in a totally convincing way nevertheless.
  13. Hello Mathijs, I don’t want to send the topic of this thread off course but since Cornel’s Geneva and Belgium sceneries have been mentioned and that Cornel is not a frequent communicator (on his website) I thought I might ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. I purchased Geneva and Brussels from Simmarket (download versions) before the latter discontinued the sale of Cornel’s products. I see that Aerosoft is selling Mega Airport Brussels (FS9 and FSX). • Will you be publishing / supporting Cornel’s products from now on? • If so, will that also include Geneva? • Is Cornel progressing on his FSX version of Geneva? Thank you in advance for your reply. Kevin
  14. Perhaps start your FSAcars only after the pushback is complete.
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