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  1. Omg! cant wait to take it and fly to SCBA or SCCI with a LATAM A320 to see this TrueGlass!
  2. Indeed, i love the T7, but i get some tired flying long and medium hauls. Need the AS Busses ti fly short legs.
  3. Hello all, with p3d v4 and the new orbx south america (pretty accurate for Chile) Many airports in Chile made by fans for FSX didnt work anymore, so i request the main airports of this country: SCEL -Santiago SCDA - Iquique SCFA - Antofagasta SCAT - Atacama SCSE - La Serena SCIE - Concepción SCTE - Puerto Montt SCCI - Punta Arenas Thanks!! Enviado desde mi HUAWEI KII-L23 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Hello Holgi, it's possible to request a fantasy livery ????
  5. Ahh sorry, that was for the CRJ, all these damned aircraft flying holdings in my brains. cheesus i was searching many pages back , didnt find anything, this is the answer lol. Enviado desde mi HUAWEI KII-L23 mediante Tapatalk
  6. The most important airports in Chile for FSX/P3D: -SCDA (Iquique) -SCFA (Antofagasta) -SCAT (Atacama) -SCEL (Santiago, i know it's for x-plane) -SCIE (Concepción) -SCTE (Puerto Montt) -SCCI (Punta Arenas) Plsss!!!
  7. Hello, there's a template for a PMDG 737 Freighter ?? Thanks !
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