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  1. As a lot common airliners does not have it (eg 737), I also do not think so. You can simply use a dir-to on a good timing or do it in heading mode (and draw the in-crs dashed line with the fix info page if you need it). it's not a big deal.
  2. I have the same probleme, I can;t select a waypoint in the duplicate page when I try to add a custom wpt (from the legs page or from the user wpt page). I'm trying IS099/5 (Corsica, FR)
  3. Same thing but also with other aircrafts (eg WT CJ4), I've removed FSUIPC for now.
  4. I don't think so. As the Collins FMS-3000 (I think is the one simulated on WT CJ4) does not implement this function... I don't think this is available on the WT CJ4.
  5. Same problem, LFMN 04L RNAV-A arr via NERAS. Vectored after NERAS (370deg), I have to DIR-TO Bisbo intersect crs was 152 but no chance: NO INTERSECTION message but yes it was When I click EXEC anyway it do a simple DIR-TO BISBO.
  6. oops, yes you're right
  8. Thanks! (btw I'm a big fan of your crt screens :p)
  9. On some old aircrafts (as the 737 classic) I know that a lot of pilots prefer using basic vertical modes (SPD to climb, VS to descent) instead of VNAV which is not perfect always IRL. Is is true on the CRJ?
  10. Hi! I noticed strange thing on 2 flights about vnav descent. At cruise altitude, few nautics before the tod, I set the target altitude to the next constraint altitude then activate the vnav mode. Passing the next waypoint (the last one before the tod), the bird starts the descent with a strong vertical speed. Vmode does not change: VALT active and VPATH armed, but the bird is goning to the the floor anyway... Is it me or the red wine ? 😉
  11. Well, you missed me little bird! I stopped playing with the CRJ two years ago because I was bored by this outdated p3d. What was a pleasure to fly it again in a modern environment. My first two flight was amazing. Although I only tried basic features (spd clb, vnav descent then ils and rnav app in manual flying), everything works as expected, no bug, no crash and performances are great. After the excelentisime CJ4 by WT we got a second bird for IFR online flights on MSFS! Big thanks to Hans and Aerosoft Team, well played!
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