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  1. I accidentally started the normal pushback procedure (I use GSX) and I was unable to manipulate the menu because it was stuck on asking me to set up pushback. Is there a way to go back to the checklist page from the pushback? It caused some problems for me, as I couldn't activate the takeoff checklist (I turned off hotkeys).

  2. Hey, I encountered an issue where the automated checklist freaks out when it comes to turning on the PAX signs. When it flips the switches to "ON," there's a loud clicking noise as if the switch is being moved back and forth rapidly.


    Has anyone else encountered this issue?

  3. Aerosoft A321 IAE | Orbit Airlines

    This is the Orbit Airlines livery for the Aerosoft A321 Professional (IAE). This is not designed to work on the Aerosoft A321 (32-bit). Read "ReadMe" before installing. Recommended to install using the Aerosoft Livery Manager.


    Orbit Airlines A320 Family:

    Airbus A319

    Airbus A320

    Airbus A321 (this file)



  4. Samsung EFB Phone Texture

    This is a replacement texture of the "GUNSSAM" phone that comes with the Aerosoft Professional addon. It replaces the phone texture with the home screen of a Samsung phone (and the phone's exterior will now read "Samsung"). This is an edit to xi-max's Samsung Phone Texture. The home screen contains several generic apps to simulate ones you'd find in an EFB.


    Among the generic apps, you'll find:

    • Handler Contacts
    • Flight Log
    • and others


    Thank you to xi-max for allowing me to upload this edit to his Samsung Phone texture!


  5. Ah, I see. I don't know if other people are having this issue (or if it's reproduceable), but when she gets to turning on external lights during the taxi and before-take off checklists, nothing happens and she repeats the item. I have to flip one of the lights before the co-pilot system takes over and flips the rest of them. During approach though, it turns it on fine.

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