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  1. I accidentally started the normal pushback procedure (I use GSX) and I was unable to manipulate the menu because it was stuck on asking me to set up pushback. Is there a way to go back to the checklist page from the pushback? It caused some problems for me, as I couldn't activate the takeoff checklist (I turned off hotkeys).

  2. Hey, I encountered an issue where the automated checklist freaks out when it comes to turning on the PAX signs. When it flips the switches to "ON," there's a loud clicking noise as if the switch is being moved back and forth rapidly.


    Has anyone else encountered this issue?

  3. Aerosoft A321 IAE | Orbit Airlines

    This is the Orbit Airlines livery for the Aerosoft A321 Professional (IAE). This is not designed to work on the Aerosoft A321 (32-bit). Read "ReadMe" before installing. Recommended to install using the Aerosoft Livery Manager.


    Orbit Airlines A320 Family:

    Airbus A319

    Airbus A320

    Airbus A321 (this file)



  4. Samsung EFB Phone Texture

    This is a replacement texture of the "GUNSSAM" phone that comes with the Aerosoft Professional addon. It replaces the phone texture with the home screen of a Samsung phone (and the phone's exterior will now read "Samsung"). This is an edit to xi-max's Samsung Phone Texture. The home screen contains several generic apps to simulate ones you'd find in an EFB.


    Among the generic apps, you'll find:

    • Handler Contacts
    • Flight Log
    • and others


    Thank you to xi-max for allowing me to upload this edit to his Samsung Phone texture!


  5. Aerosoft A319 IAE | Orbit Airlines

    This is the Orbit Airlines livery for the A319. Orbit Airlines is a default airline found in FSX and P3D. I hope you guys enjoy this livery :) Struggled a little with the paintkit, but I think it turned out quite well!


    This repaint is for the IAE version of the Aerosoft A319 Professional. If you encounter any issues, please let me know. Recommended to install this using the livery manager.


    Orbit Airlines A320 Family:

    Airbus A319 (this file)

    Airbus A320

    Airbus A321



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  6. The moment I saw that the Bundle was released today, I bought it ASAP - worth the $81 price tag ^_^. I'm looking forward to putting hours into the buses. It's a little clunky experience right now(in my opinion), but I'm sure it'll smoothen out once I get used to everything! Took it out for a quick, short test flight - hopefully I get a flight or two later :) But right now, I'm very happy with the Buses.



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