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  1. This is why I will continue to buy your products... Great responses, service and great products!!! Thanks!!!
  2. I just purchased the DC8 for FSX ( not P3D) from the FlightSim Store. Great product! Love it already!!! I own the CRJ and the A319/318 also. This may sound like a dumb question, but I'm assuming (from what I read) that there is no Cargo version for FSX? If there is not should I expect one? How would I get it when it's released? Please forgive me if this has been answered before. Thanks!!
  3. I love the private CRJ 700 Livery!! Can anyone please do the 900? That would be awesome!!! Thanks Guys!!!
  4. Holgi Your CRJ 700 Private Livery is excellent!!!! I'm requesting the same for the 900 if you can. Believe me, it will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a million!!!
  5. Surprise!! Not here to complain or report a problem...Great job on the CRJ!! I own the A319 from you guys, purchased it a couple of years ago. Though I initially had throttle set up problems which added lots of frustration, eventually, after much communication with you finally worked it out. Now it's one of the best aircraft I own. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about the CRJ. After reading the delay problems and much needed updates I was torn between this and the competition. But the comments after the last update convinced me to purchase it two days ago and I must say, I'm extremely pleased with my decision. Keep up the great work!! I can't wait for the A330!!
  6. I'm a newbie, never posted on any forum before. I live close to the Atlanta airport, owner of numerous FSX addons which includes the A318/319. The only challenge I had with the 318/319 was the throttle issue, which, after I worked it out, proved to be one of the best addon's I have. I'm in awe of the A330 and the work you guys are putting in to this project. When the A330 flies over my house, whether it's on approach or departing, it sends a chill up my spine. Of course Delta is my favorite airline, but you can always tell when this aircraft is near by no matter what the livery. Keep up the great work. I will be one of the first to purchase!
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