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  1. I absolutely love the CRJ and Aerosoft, especially the forums. I learn a lot from the forums without submitting a ticket. I recently learned this the hard way: The CRJ was showing blank screens (MFD etc..) and the yoke was turned to the left, engines running. It was frustrating to say the least, as this was the second time it happened. After I re-installed the CRJ it solved the problem. I was good for a while until two days ago I updated an aircraft by a different vendor (I will refrain from mentioning). I loaded the CRJ later that day and had the same problem return. I checked the forum, then checked the Microsoft C++ program and saw that the update provided by the other vendor reverted C++ to an earlier version ,causing the CRJ to malfunction. Had it not been for the Aerosoft forum I would have never figured this out. I re-installed the CRJ, checked and confirmed the latest C++ (2015-2019) was installed, restarted P3DV4.5 (with latest hotfix). The CRJ is now functioning again. Your forums are fantastic!
  2. I did what you suggested. It took me about an hour, but it worked!! You are a freaking rock star!!! Thanks! This is why I will continually buy Aerosoft!
  3. Thanks!!... This would create space on the C drive also. I have a lot of additional liveries, but hat's no problem. Just need to take the time to do it. I forgot to mention...I have the DC8 also.
  4. I was running out of space on my C drive and was trying to get creative in saving space. Soooo, I moved the Aerosoft folder ( which has A319,318,320, 330, CRJ Pro) from C drive to the D drive on my HP (D drive had over 916GB free, compared to C which had only 9gb free). I started up P3d v4.5 and no aircraft showed up, so I cut and paste back to the original location (C/Documents), restarted P3d 4.5 and it still didn't show. This was stupid on my part, so I need help in trying to fix it the less painful way possible. Thanks for your help..
  5. Never mind!! Just figured it out!! Had to click in the actual box and change with keypad....duh!
  6. Very seldom I post with a problem... but all of a sudden I can't change the fuel or any of the weights in the CRJ Pro using the EFB. It was working before update. Thanks!
  7. Your repaints are extraordinary!!! Is there any way possible to repaint the CRJ 100 in a private or even a company livery!!


    1. KarlT


      I meant CRJ 1000.. 

  8. How bout a Delta CRJ 1000 or Private Livery?? Please, please.
  9. The CRJ Pro is Awesome!!!! Any possibility of a Delta or Private 1000? Thanks!
  10. Kool...But do I have to reload the extra liveries I installed? Do I have to un-install first?
  11. Just purchased the aircraft... absolutely fantastic!! But only one question.. the A3XX configurator file (application) is missing. Can't connect to it anywhere. Is there some sort of way you send me another? Thanks!!
  12. This is why I will continue to buy your products... Great responses, service and great products!!! Thanks!!!
  13. I just purchased the DC8 for FSX ( not P3D) from the FlightSim Store. Great product! Love it already!!! I own the CRJ and the A319/318 also. This may sound like a dumb question, but I'm assuming (from what I read) that there is no Cargo version for FSX? If there is not should I expect one? How would I get it when it's released? Please forgive me if this has been answered before. Thanks!!
  14. I love the private CRJ 700 Livery!! Can anyone please do the 900? That would be awesome!!! Thanks Guys!!!
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