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  1. @Mathijs Kok I hope it's okay that I tag you. This topic has not been answered for a long time.
  2. Good evening guys, I have a question about the new EDDB airport. Will it also be available in the Microsoft Store? If so, is there a scheduled time for this? I would like to have as many of my addon airports as possible in the MSFS store... Have a nice evening! Marvin
  3. At 16:29 you said "the last 1000 feet", but there were actually 2300 feet remaining.
  4. @Mathijs Kok The release has been postponed, but is the new date still within the first quarter?
  5. You get that wrong. The FBW team creates their project based on the standard A320N. If Microsoft changes something on this basis, it can lead to complications with the Flybywire code. However, Aerosoft is completely independent of any updates as they create their own aircraft.
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