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  1. The MSFS content manager shows I am up to date with 1.0.2 I guess it needs time to get in the MSFS environment? 😞
  2. Interesting, I guess when wearing a headset in real life you wouldn't hear that sound. Headset vs no Headset is difficult to simulate.
  3. So it seems to be the condition assigment...
  4. This is part of the aircraft. Same distracting thing as the radio calls that are not for you. 😉 Kidding aside, this is what happens when aircraft in simulators become so realistic, that the real life oddities become distracting in a clean-room environment like a PC sim.
  5. I think this is called an Avionics Master switch. And they do exist in real life in the Twin Otter. At least some versions.
  6. @Aerosoft, can you confirm this BUG? Or at least add it to the list? Thanks
  7. I troubleshooted some more and found out what binding caused the issue: Assigning switches to CONDITION LEVER 1 and/or 2 to HIGH IDLE (or LOW IDLE) causes the fuel system to act up. This shouldn't be that way. Condition lever should be assignable to a switch and the fuel system should work as normal. This seems to be a 'bug'. Solution: Assign the switch for CONDITION LEVER - HIGH IDLE to the CONDITION LEVER AXIS instead. Yes MSFS will warn you about this odd assignment (switch should not be assigned to an axis) but it works! Keep the other switch for CUT OFF as it is. For the Honeycomb Bravo toggle switches, this works. (I use the toggles because I need axis 5 and 6 for the flaps construction).
  8. SOLVED: Ok, so mixture was not the problem as I had nothing assigned. I had to reset both Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo to default and now all is ok. So it seems it IS a binding issue, but it is unclear which binding. Resetting to default on al hardware devices will at least reset the fuel system in normal operation. Thanks Bushman for letting us know.
  9. Agree. Switches are "virtually" installed 180 deg incorrect. So Aerosoft, get a virtual avionics specialist out there, reverse the switches (rotate each switch 180 deg) and switch the wiring so OFF is dead center and ON is FWD. 🙂
  10. Fully agree. Same thoughts here. I thought the aerosoft version has a beta-ish ranger from Idle to about 1/4 or 1/5 on the power levers as no torque is generated.
  11. Disagree completely. Boeing even has options to reverse the ON-OFF philosophy dependent on the companies preference. Some preferer up = on and down= off.
  12. Any luck on the inlet anti-ice? Not here...
  13. I did some more testing: 1) Both tiptanks work fine and equal. 2) When switching the AFT boost pump OFF, fuel is still fed from AFT tank to an engine. 3) when adding 600lbs in a tank, the indicator does not show 600lbs.
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