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  1. Replying to my own inquiry. Please never mind! I found my problem. A simple matter of moving the various Beavers out from under "Aerosoft" within the "Aircraft" main folder. Don't know why the Aerosoft main folder had to go in there in the first place, but It apparently had internal instructions from the zip file. Anyway, I now have all my Beavers working properly and am happy. Having about 700 real time hours in that bird helps very much when I fly it on my desk! Bill Cline
  2. I have been away from flt sim for over a year. I had a crash which wiped out my hard drives and now wish to reinstall my FS4, including the Aerosoft Beaver package, which I bought a couple of years ago. Would someone please advise me how to install the Aerosoft aircraft? I also have a bunch of the Aerosoft NW scenery packages and probably will be back for help with that, too. I'm just getting too old to remember stuff I learned 10 years ago... In the event you need it, Mathijs, I have all the original ordering numbers but I'm not sure I should publish them in a public forum. If it helps, initially anyway, my customer ID is 5920. Thanks anyone who can help me! Bill
  3. Do you know about Alaskan Winds? If you do most of your flying in the bush you may be interested. It's a small community of friendly bush pilots, flying mostly in Alaska. I only joined recently and can thoroughly recommend it. Didg, Thanks for posting the alaskanwinds address. I'll check it out pronto! My first solo in the Air Force was back in 1953 in the Super Cub. I have been away from this forum for over a year now and am not certain whether or not Aerosoft had built the S. Cub. Have you any idea where I go to find it? I have had the Aerosoft Beaver since it was produced...mainly because I have about 350 hours in it. Still my favorite. Since I have been away for so long, are you aware of any enhancements or addons for the Beaver? And where, here at Aerosoft will I find them? Bill
  4. Pilotman, where did you find an update for FS9? What is the name of the file? I am not sure if I have it or not. Is it correct that two seperate pieces of software must be purchased to fly Freight Dogs? Thank you. Bill
  5. Chris, I finally got the serial number squared away and was able to get the upgrade to run. Thanks. Bill
  6. Hi Chris, You get around, don't you? <g> Thanks for the explanation but I'm fully aware of the easy way to copy and paste. At first, I thought probably one of those 32 characters was a "zero" instead of a simple alphabet "o" or I had capitolized a letter instead where it should be lower case. I'm not sure I can get back to the url site where I was given my serial number for the BeaverX. So, I very carefully copied the serial number out of my little book which has all such stuff. After changing my email address the other day, I lost my "keeper" folder in Outlook Express so I can't go back there to find the page where I first copied that number direct from Aerosoft. Looks like I'm up the creek without a paddle. And I *do* want the revised BeaverX! Thanks for responding. Bill
  7. After a great many tries, I finally got the update downloaded. Then I tried to run the file. I already have the original BeaverX loaded. I came to a registration page which asked for my "order" serial number. The only number I have is the one given me for the original BeaverX itself. I also have the FS9 Beaver, but doubt that serial number should work with this update. In any event, every time I try to run the update (is it 2.3 or 3.2?...I have conflicting version numbers.) the Installation Shield Wizard will not accept my registration number. BTW, whoever decided that a 32 character serial/registration number was reasonable should have to enter and re-enter such a long number every day until he recognizes that people might have problems with that sort of thing. The only other possibility may be that Aerosoft wants me to pay for this upgrade. Is that the case? If so, I have a few choice words on that, too. Can anyone clue me in? Bill Cline
  8. Thanks, Mathijis. Found it! I still wonder, the main Beaver file in C: or in the partition where I originally loaded it (H:)? Bill
  9. I can't locate the manual for the new BeaverX. I originally installed my FSX in a partition (not C:) specifically to keep it out of C:. However, MS in its wisdom elected to install much of FSX into C: anyway. If someone can give me the filename for the BeaverX manual, I'll do a search of all partitions for it. Thanks. Bill
  10. I have been advised my Support Ticket has been changed. However the link provided with that note does not work...keeps sending me to Dell Bill
  11. Guess I didn't read that. Is there an easy way to set seat height and distance so that every time I go back to forward view out of the cockpit, the height and distance do not change? IOW, can I set a 3D view out the front so that it remains the same when I open the program or if I temporarily leave the front view, then come back to it? Bill
  12. No matter what I do, I cannot get the 2D panel to install in the BeaverX. I have tried everything, hitting A, W, going to the menu and selecting the regular cockpit view (not 3D) but all I get is a full screen view out the front cockpit windows. Cycling through the S key, whether first hitting A or W will not get me the 2D cockpit (view 00). I can get view 00 which may be a 2D view but I cannot move my view using the hat switch. It's probably me but something is definitely wrong. Beautiful versions of the Beaver, though! Bill Cline
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