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  1. Performance is very good.My system: Q6600 @ 3.6 ghz 4 GB Ram Geforce 8800GT 32bit vista I locked my FPS at 20, and they stay there while flying the f16, even above Mega Airport Heathrow. Don't have my exact FS settings here, but they are all in the high regions for sure.
  2. Mathijs, sorry to ask this here, I didn't know in which forum to post it.. I purchased and installed WOS succesfully, but when I try to run it I get the attached error.. When I try to run it again it asks for my email+serial again too. I am running vista home premium 32 bit, and use realtek HD onboard audia with drivers from june (the latest). EDIT: I solved it by downloading the latest directX from the microsoft site.. Didn't come through with windows update and I wasn't aware there was a new version ... As for the "asking again for serial on every run problem": run WOS as administrator, ot
  3. Looks great Mathijs!!Will definitely check this one out!
  4. I wont say anything about the possible mis-alignment of the runways as I am not able to check that at this moment, but why do you think changing the heading of those runways would be a small job? I do a llittle scenery design myself in my spare time and in my opinion this would not be as simple as you would think... The runways are integrated in the underlying satelite photos, turning these runways in any direction would mean a rather large job for the developer afaik ...
  5. I have almost the same system as you have (i have an 8800 GT), on which windows version are you? I have vista sp1, and FSX sp2. When I first installed FSX, my framerates where smooth (locked at 20 and never dropped below 19). This slowly degraded over the weeks untill my fps looked like yours. Yesterday I suddenly recalled having read somewhere about removing the fsx.cfg to improve fps. I removed this file, set my graphics settings again (everything to the right except AI) BOOM-> 20 FPS again (default airports and addon airports like aerosoft heathrow)! Maybe worth a try? I also wou
  6. Hi VinFlyer I myself am always happy with "LG" screens. Can't help you with technical details as I'm not into that a lot (for screens anyway). Why wouldn't you buy a widescreen? If you take eg a 20(or was it 21)" widescreen, you get the same physical height of a 4:3 19" screen but a lot wider.. You will see you get a lot more room in different programs like photoshop. For someone who is a professional graphical designer I would consider this a (huge) advantage ...
  7. koen3950

    Monitor question

    Hi Edu, I have to agree with the previous posters. You have to use your monitor's native resolution to have best results. I looked it up for your monitor and you have to use "1920x1200". the 20 pixels difference with the resolution you used may seem unimportant, but you should know that your screen is going to manupulate the image (software-wise) if the resolution is not equal to the native resolution. Knowing this, even 20 pixels can mean a big difference...
  8. Gert, at first I had this problem too, but when I went out to look in my shop account I saw that a second s/n appeared at my lukla order (from april 2006). It looks like this: x Lukla - Mount Everest - Version : Direct Download - Serial : 088-****************** - Serial : 67****************/np Use this serial number only for the new download file (notice download links). when I use the second serial (starting with 67) to purchase the X version, the serial confirmation is OK!
  9. If I'm not mistaken it is the "." key (brakes) that triggers the gun inflight, so there should be no problem for you to map it to a button or key of your choice.
  10. Hi Paul, you can't change the files because the Program Files folder is secured by default (in Vista anyways). You can lift the security measures off the flightsim X folder if you want, that way you won't have troubles again when trying to changes this or that file. Just rightclick the FSX folder and select properties. On the security tab select "edit". In the edit window, you give the right user(s) "write" access as you can see in the screenshot.
  11. SP1 is included in acceleration, so it is enough to just install acceleration on a stock FSX (but it is of course possible to install it on FSX + SP1).
  12. I agree about the front/back movements, they are clearly too much for a fighter jet. About the other movements, I like the "head-behaviour" in the acceleration F/A18. Except maybe the left/right movement of the head (but I suppose this is also influenced by how tight you are strapped in ...)
  13. Mathijs, you are right, I am still using few year's old methods. Didn't follow the hardware scene very good untill recently. Thanks for the info, will try to remember it and don't give other people wrong advice anymore
  14. Not necessarily. You can multiply the height and width of the resolution with each other to get the total amount of pixels. 1280*1024 = 1310720 1440*900 = 1296000 You are around 14000 pixels below the (imaginative) borderline. However, I would still recommend the 512MB version if you tend too keep your hardware for a long time. Future games will start to use larger and larger textures, and in that case the larger memory is also welcome
  15. No game "needs" 512 MB as long as you play it on average resolutions. If you are getting higher than 1280*1024 you will start noticing the benefit of 512MB over 256MB.
  16. Indeed, but they are not the only one. eg. EVGA also has lifetime warranty AND they allow you to change stock cooling... I will explain how I overclocked mine, but this will not be a step-by-step guide as Mathijs is allready preparing this. So if you don't feel too confident I would wait for this guide The following I write applies to the Q6600 (stock at 2.4 ghz). I use DDR2 800mhz RAM. This ensures my ram will not get overclocked when overclocking the CPU. First of all, there are 2 revisions of this processor. One with B3 stepping and a newer one with G0 stepping. The only practica
  17. indeed, if you search well you can find it quite cheap (mostly online). However I would advice to spend a _little_ bit extra (arround 280 or so) and buy a pre-overclocked model. EVGA, MSI or BFG for example have such cards. Advantage is 1) you keep the warranty in contradiction with when you overclock yourself 2) you get a card for nearly the price of a GT but with the prestations/results of a GTX
  18. True. In general, the CPU affects frames the most. I recently overclocked my CPU (q6600) from 2.4 to 3.4 ghz, this gave me a big performance boost. I have all sliders to the right, and on 2.4 ghz I would get framedrops to even below 12fps using addon aircraft in busy areas. With the overclock I get a rock-steady 20 fps (locked at 20). Of course, without a nice graphic card you wouldn't want to set the sliders to the right. All water effects etc are calculated by the GPU. As mentioned before, you can get a kick-ass graphicscard (8800GT) for arround €250. If you, like me, buy a pre-overclocked
  19. Hi Mike, I have exactly the same setup as you (except I have vista 32bit). I fly the pmdg 747 at heathrow (the aerosoft fsx version) in FSX at 20fps (20 locked). As we all know, fs2004 and XP give a (much) better framerate so imho there is nothing to worry for you
  20. Hi, as I have exactly the same error, I uploaded some screenshots. I am using the FSX acceleration version on FSX acceleration. I downloaded this scenery from simmarket as i bought the 2004 version there (what a bad support they have, being used to aerosoft ...)
  21. Looks very promissing although I hope you will do something about the roofs like they look in the "tour montparnasse" shot ....
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