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  1. Hi Christian It must be then Regards, Paul
  2. Hi everyone My pfpx doesn't seem to be linking with the server is it down?
  3. Thanks, I've reinstalled and is now ok except for the light issue which everyone else seems to have.
  4. Also i forgot to mention that the EFB on the A320/A321 is just a blank white screen?
  5. Hi Yes that is correct but weirdly only in the A320/A321?
  6. Hi Everything has installed perfectly but now i notice the buttons do not work on the pop up MCDU?
  7. Hi has the installer been fixed?
  8. Hi Just downloaded the updated A320/A321 for P3DV5 and when i click for the configurator it gives me this message, Path not found C:/user/myname/Documents/Aerosoft/General/A3XXEFB/A330/Assets/charts Also when loading the plane it says, ND: DB file for terrain On ND could not be opened=> invalid terrain indication (C:\Users\myname\Documents \Aerosoft\General\A3XXTerrOnND\ASDBTerrOnND.dat) Then the screen goes black and thats it.
  9. Hi, Ok thanks for the help, found out that I'd accidentally installed P3DV4.2 on my computer and was supposed to install P3DV4.3. So I've installed the client V4.3 and its ok now, thanks.
  10. Hi I bought the A318/A319 and had no problems, I've also bought yesterday the A320/A321 and since then I get St Elmos fire on the A318-A321, the captain side of the screen and has no ecam display etc. Please Help??
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