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  1. Perfect. Should i change ...\Prepar3D v4 Content and ...\Prepar3D v4 Scenery as well?
  2. Thanks for your reply. When I check HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Lockheed Martin, Prepar3D v4 AppPath looks correct: E:\P3D\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Am I looking at the correct registration key, is is there another one I should be looking at? Thank you. Colin
  3. Good morning, i tried installing Anchorage last night. I have P3Dv4 installed on its own drive. When the install finishes and I click ok, I get the following message: P3D v4 install path could not be found: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 As I mentioned, I have P3D installed on my E Drive. How do I get the installer to put PANC on the same drive as P3D. Thank you. Colin
  4. Evening. This is is s shot in the dark. I’m looking for a profile for the HS 748. I’m not really sure what I can use as a substitute if nothing exists. Cheers, colin
  5. Quick update. Problem solved. My ZFW was too high.
  6. Good morning, I'm trying to plan a flight from EDDK to EBOS using the Aerosoft DHC6 and PFPX. I downloaded a profile off of Airliner Performance and started plugging in the information. Under fuel, I'm showing a total fuel capacity of 2,421 pounds... But when I click on compute flight, I get the following message... Does anyone know why my fuel capacity is about 1/5 of what it should actually be? Thanks, colin
  7. Good evening. I’ve been trying for almost 4 hours now, but my download keeps stoping. The closest I’ve come to completing the download in about 40%. Is the system busy due to Black Friday / Ciber Monday sales? When would a better time to try be? Thanks. Colin
  8. Good afternoon, Downloaded FSDG Seychelle V2 this morning. The PDF talks about a geocache mission and saved flights. I've looked, but can't seem to find any of these. Is there a separate download I'm missing? Cheers, colin
  9. Herman, Okay, so it was a PICNIC issue - problem in chair, not in computer. I forgot to turn off one of the elevation files in scenery/world/scenery. All is good.
  10. Hello Herman, Thanks got the reply. Firstly no, I didn’t delete the files from my computer. I deactivated as suggested (adding .off) Secondly, I had tried the fix suggested on the German site, but it didn’t work the first time around. As per your suggestion, I read the entire posting and found there were updated versions of the fix. The first one I tried had me turn off the elevation file in scenery/world/scenery, but there wasn’t a replacement file. This morning I found the most current fix and followed the instructions, but still getting the same result. Cheers, colin
  11. Hello, I just purchased and installed Aerosoft BIKF. I am running it alongside ORBX Iceland demo. When I fly around the airport, I see two different layouts depending on my altitude. If I am on the runway or just after takeoff, I see the runway as depicted in the aerosoft AF2 file. As I gain altitude, I get a different runway. I have no clue where the other runway is coming from. I've deleted all the FTX/ORBX files I can find. I have turned off BIKF in the Vector's AEC. I have now run out of ideas. The odd thing is, no matter what airport bgl I open up with ADE, I can't find that little addition just to the left of the runway. Which leads me to believe I have an extra BIKF bgl kicking around and I have no idea where it is hiding. Has anyone else had this issue? Cheers, colin
  12. Good evening, just a question on the A321’s range. After doing a search, I’ve found that it’s around 3700 miles. Now, I know this isn’t with a full load. I tried a flight this morning from KLAX to CYUL - just less than 2300 miles. When I use the load manager, it shows that the only way I can make this flight is if I cap the flight at 80 passengers (about a 1/4 of its capacity). If I added more passengers, I’d max out on fuel. Ive noticed in this form that there are tweaks that can be made to add an aux fuel tank. Is this something that is actually done in real life? With this in mind, is the A321 better suited for short haul flights? Thank you, Colin
  13. I don’t have my computer in front of me, so I’m going off of memory here. If you are using FSX, open make sure that you have it open in windows mode. Open FSUIPC. Look for LOG in the tabs on top. By ‘tabs’ I’m talking about the things that say ‘Buttons and Switches’, ‘Axis Assignment’, etc.... On the left side of the page you’ll see a list of check boxes. Click on ‘Log Events, Non Axis’ (its something like that anyway. It may actually say buttons and switches). You’ll also want to click ‘Open Log in New Window’ at the bottom on the left. Grom this point, when you click on a button or switch, you will get the List Var name, code, and parameter. I’ve noticed that some switches don’t produce anything. When youre done, DO NOT close the log window. It’ll shut down the sim. Just simply open FSUIPC , click on LOG, and then click on END LOG. When you do so, the log window will close, so make sure you write everything down first. I think that’s about it. Let me know if you have any issues.
  14. I’m assuming you are using a registered version of FSUIPC? You can try using the log function
  15. Good evening Mark. Just tried what what you suggested and it works perfectly. Thank you you for your help. Cheers, colin
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