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  1. @mopperle Thanks for the reply. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. Starting from this point on Runwyay 04, I counted the dashes on the centre line. There seems to be three spots along this runway where the plane becomes invisible. The plane disappears just after the 6th gap and this lasts until the end of the 12th dash. I paused at this point and took the four screenshots from different angles. As I continued down the runway, I found two more gaps like this, The second one was just after the 24th dash until the end of the 30th dash. The last one was from just after the 53rd dash to the end of the 60th. The last picture is after takeoff. If you look at the nose of the plane, you can see the runway through it. Cheers, colin
  2. I tried uninstalling and then installing again, but no change. There appear to be a few ground polygons close to and including the runway that are causing the problem. Any thoughts?
  3. Here is the same runway with a default plane. First shot is looking right at the tail at ground level. You can see the wheels are invisible. Second shot is from the same position, but the view is from above the plane looking down. Oddly enough, inside the plane it looks normal.
  4. Carenado Cessna 337. I will try it with a default aircraft to see if that’s the issue.
  5. Good evening, I purchased Geneva airport this afternoon. For the most part, it looks like everything installed correctly - except for one small issue. My aircraft seems to disappear behind part of the runway. This happens both on the ground and in the air. I have P3D v4.5. I'm also have ORBX FTX Global, Vector, and Europe LC are installed. I have checked the AEC option for Geneva, but there is no option for LSGG. Here is what it looks like when I roll/fly past a certain part of the runway: I can't find any other versions of LSGG on my system. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? I did a quick search of the forums and didn't see anyone else with this issue so I'm assuming it's something on my end. Thank you, colin
  6. Evening, Wasn’t sure which forum to add this too - scenery vs aircraft. Thought I’d try here and see what happens. I’m trying the ferry flights included with the Antarctica scenery. A few of the legs in South America are outside of the range of the Twin Otter. I think it’s something like 770nm where some of the legs are over 1000nm. I think the manual mentioned something about internal tanks. Aside from running with unlimited fuel, is there any way to simulate this? I know there is a switch to turn on/off the wingtip tanks, but there wouldn’t be one to use the internal tanks. It would be easy enough to land at one of the airport along the flight plan to top off the tanks. This would be a little harder to do over the open ocean. Thank you, Colin
  7. Hey Dave, Thank you for your patience today. I uninstalled and reinstalled again. Seems I had an older version. I downloaded the newest version from my Aerosoft account. I haven’t tried the experimental version yet, but things look promising so far. Cheers, colin
  8. Just did an uninstall and re-install of the Airbus Professional package. Haven't done any updates yet, but here is the fuel planner for the same flight.
  9. Good morning Dave, Thanks for the tip on Simbrief. Did as you suggested, came up with slightly different numbers, but it seemed happier with the result. I think my point was more that since installing the experimental update yesterday, my fuel planner is behaving differently. When I add the block fuel, I'm showing nothing in the centre tank. The biggest change is that I am getting no value for either TOW %MAC or ZFW %MAC. (see picture below). Yesterday I was getting both of these as well a trim setting. When programing the MCDU, on the INIT page it does ask for the ZFW, ZFW %MAC, and the block fuel. Has that changed in the update? There are also different fuel values (wing tanks) between the Advanced Mode and Simple Mode.
  10. Good morning, I ran the update (Aerosoft Updater using experimental updates) yesterday for the A318-321 professional series yesterday. Opened the fuel planner for the A319 this morning. Plan was to try another Hawaii flight - this time from KPDX to PHOG. I tried the same flight yesterday, but had to stop stop it due to time constraints. Anyway, I notice a big change in the fuel calculation for my flight. Yesterday (before the update) I was able to do the flight with 15,751 kg of fuel, now the planner is showing me that for a distance of 2227 nm, I require 20,567 kg of fuel which is well above the 19,151 kg of fuel capacity of the A319. This is with no passengers or cargo loaded. The TOW %MAC, ZFW %MAC, and Trim all stay at 0.0 no matter what I put the cargo and passenger sliders at. If I look at the 'basic mode', I see a block fuel to enter of 20,567kg, but in the advanced mode, I only need 19,161km, which is still more than I can carry. Any thoughts? Thanks, colin
  11. Hey Dave, I think I assumed that the lower the value, the more economical it was. As I was setting up the MCDU, I originally set the CI at 36. Anyway, I’ve changed it back to 35 and we’ll see how it goes. Any idea why I was getting the vapour trail from the engines at sea level? It’s almost like the sim thought I was taking off at a much, much higher altitude than I was. As always, thanks for the help. Colin
  12. Hey Dave, Great to hear from you. Used the fuel planner. All the values were green - but just: 48 passengers, 1214 kg of cargo, 19,133 kg of fuel. ZFW: 52,102 kg TOW: 70,691 kg Taxi Weight: 71,235 kg Landing Weight: 57, 279 kg Finally made it up to FL360. I’m maxed out at .726 (Moved CI to 5, but still way off of that mark). EPR is 1.627. My guess is that KPDX to PHKO is just on the outside of the A321’s envelope. 48 passengers would not be economical for any airline. Cheers, Colin
  13. Good afternoon, I took off a little over 30 minutes ago from KPDX on my way to Kona. Loaded very few passengers and lots of fuel. Was able to take off with no issues, but I am struggling to get above 26,000 feet. Cruise altitude is set for FL360, but I’m having my doubts it’ll make it that high. I’m performing small step climbs, but I lose about 20 knots of speed as soon as I go above a climb of 200 feet per minute. I haven’t noticed this with the A320, so I’m not sure what the cause of it is. I did notice contrails immediately after take off, which is odd. Looking at the EPR gage, it’s showing 1.547 with an N1 of 78.7%. GW is 67,000 kg with 14860 kg of fuel on board. Active sky is turned off, so headwinds aren’t an issue. When I level off in between steps, the EPR gave does not drop. Any ideas why I can’t climb? If it is a weight issue, I figured I’d be able to climb better as I burned for fuel, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Thank you, Colin
  14. Good evening, Not sure if this was mentioned. Also not sure if it is aside affect of the joystick I’m using for rudder control. When viewed from the outside, the nose wheel animation seems over exaggerated. The wheel turns almost perpendicular to the fuselage. The steering motion is actually fine (from my limited knowledge anyway), it’s just range of motion and how quickly the nose wheel pivots that seem a little off. Im using a joystick with a z axis for rudder / tiller. Other than that though, I’m loving the CRJ. Cheers, Colin
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