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  1. A month has passed. Any news, opinion or update on this topic? Cheers, Steve
  2. Thanks for your input. In some of Otto's pictures above you can see the water sloping up on land. And below are some pictures that hopefully explains what I am seeing and the altitude number in the upper left corner (freeware addon for MSFS). The correct altitude for ENAT is 10 ft above sea level. Hope these pictures help. Steve
  3. Hi Otto, Thanks for your reply. I bought Alta at the Aerosoft Shop (Order number: 1120339053) and I am running the latest version as per the Aerosoft Updater. I did not have the airport before the latest MSFS version, but I am sure most people that fly in the Nordic countries have updated by now. Other payware Norwegian airports that are close to sea level (ENCN, ENAL and ENVA), all seem to work or have already been corrected. I think it's a "fairly easy" fix for someone with the source package files. Having the airport at the correct elevation should be the first priority for any developer. I would really appreciate a correction to this otherwise spectacular airport and its unique location. Steve
  4. Some additional info while I wait for the developers response: The real airport and the default MSFS-2020 ENAT are both at an altitude of 10 feet above sea level. The Aerosoft version is 30 feet (9 meters) higher, at 40 feet above sea level. Looking forward to a fix and/or response. Steve
  5. I am using the latest World Update for the Nordic countries and purchased ENAT (Alta) last week. There are some not so nice issues with the airport and water elevations, trying to blend in with the default surroundings. I believe by lowering the entire airport elevation (plus the water and land parts belonging to the airport), will solve the problem. Perhaps some additional elevation adjustments are required. Screenshots can be provided if needed, but these issues are very obvious to the user. I am not using any other scenery or DEM (mesh) addons. Please provide a solution for this. Thanks, Steve
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