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  1. I've been reading over the problems with MT2010 and I just don't understand what to do if you can't see any aircraft from MY2010....I had MT 2010 installed with FSX and it was running fine..through my own fault..I did something to the MT2010 editor and had to uninstall and reinstall MT 2010 ..Now I can't see any planes at all... I see some people have had similar problems but the instructions seem confusing to me and I apoligize for that...but can someone talk me through the exact steps to follow to be able to see MT2010 planes again on FSX....another words...exactly what file I have to go to and where it is at and what exactly to delete?...etc...I would really appreciate any help...
  2. First thanks for the help with my question regarding no sound patch for My Traffic 2010...all is working well..now for some reason I'm having a problem with FDC which has never given me any problems...after starting FSX and clicking on the FDC module....FDC loads with no problem and says "FDC Active"..then after about 2 minutes I get a message saying FDC aborted...this never happened before....the message I get from FDC is "Error 9..subscript out of range..Get take-off data..routine loc=0.....any ideas on how to fix that...FDC has run flawlessly all this time...but now I get this error 9 message..once again..thanks for any help.....
  3. Hello Shaun...thanks for the reply....yes I do hear the various Airline names..after installing MT2010 I ran "edit voicepack and updated it....is that the same thing as the sound patch from MY2010?
  4. Hello...purchased My Traffic 2010 over a month ago...this is the second time I've tried to install My Traffic 2010...installation seemed to run fine...but once again..the option to load the sound patch never appeared..I waited 15 minutes and again followed aerosoft's instructions...I have MT 2010 planes visible and have ATC sound and text. My question is ..did I purchase a flawed DVD because the sound patch does not install...is there somewhere I can go within the Aerosoft site to download the sound patch for MT 2010??....would really appreciate any suggestions and help...
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