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  1. I can load it on my center monitor and then move it to a different monitor, so long as I move it back to center before closing it. Only problem with doing this however is when a popup window that draws a map view is launched while the app is on the side monitor, it causes the app to freeze as well. So now, I end up doing all my planning on the center monitor, and then moving it over to a side monitor when i'm done for reference if needed. Not an ideal user experience. I'm getting used to it, but would love a permanent fix to this. Chris
  2. I installed v 2.03 and I still have a problem if I move PFPX to one of my side monitors. Now, it freezes while trying to draw main screen. Most of the screen is just black. Same resolution to get it to load again on the main center monitor where it works fine. Chris
  3. I have tried older drivers. I happened after the windows 10 updates that occurred. Not sure how many people have a triple monitor setup or could have this specific problem as a result of the windows update and the triple monitor setup, however it is annoying. I hope there can be a resolution found or some type of support to dive into the issue from the team here. Chris
  4. Any further thoughts or help with this? I still have this issue. Chris
  5. But regardless of those issues, I don't have a problem with any other apps as it relates to my multiple monitors except for PFPX and Vatspy, at least that I have determined so far. For instance, ActiveSky starts up and loads onto my right side monitor with no problems.
  6. The Win 10 update seems to be affecting everything. Its quite annoying how many problems are being reported in general with those updates. However, Nvidia released new drivers to address issues related to the win 10 update, so I got the latest ones.
  7. Yes, but it just started happening to me last week. I have been using it with no issues since it was originally released. I am using the latest version/hotfix 1.28.9i Chris Lezama
  8. So I kept digging on this. Apparently, it works if I delete the Workspace folder in the registry and do not move the app window to one of my side monitors. I have 3 monitors in my setup. If I keep the app open in my main monitor in the middle, when I close it and restart it, it loads perfectly. If I move it to the left or right monitor, it saves the position in the registry and then freezes the next time I try to open it. At least I know I can use it on my main middle monitor. The monitors are all identical. Funny enough, the same thing is happening to me with VAT-SPY, where by I need to delete the config file if I move it to another monitor. Any thoughts or ideas on why this could be happening. I am using an 1080Ti on Nvidia drivers 416.34 Thanks, Chris Lezama
  9. Yes I have tried everything mentioned in this post. Nothing works. Only deleting the registry keys, but only for a one time load. It doesn't work on the next load of PFPX after that.
  10. Hi All, I am experiencing this problem now as well, freezing while "loading weather". Not sure what happened. I tried deleting the registry key as mentioned in this thread and it allowed PFPX to fully open (prompted for the serial key again). However, I closed PFPX and tried to run it again and the same issue occurred. I do run this as an administrator. Chris Lezama
  11. I got it to work at least. You have to open it in non-VR mode and drag it to the upper left corner of the screen. Once in VR, it will popup in your front view. Click the top row of MCDU1 to open, right click to close. It works fine. Still wish it was built into the main MCDUs as that would be a lot easier.
  12. Guess this wasn't worth a response...
  13. Hi guys, Fantastic job with this airplane! One thing that has been difficult for me is flying in VR and trying to use MCDU3, which is integral for operation of this product. Because it is not integrated into the main MCDUs and is a popup window, it makes it rather difficult to operate in VR. First, it will not open the popup when in VR mode. I must exit VR mode to open it. It will remain open if I switch back to VR mode as P3D 4.3 supports it, but once I close the popup, its not opening again until I exit VR mode to open it again. Naturally, that is quite annoying, and disorienting. And while P3D supports popups in VR now, they are still a bit cumbersome to use in VR mode. Best approach would have been to have this integrated into MCDU 1/2 as a submenu of the main menu page. Hoping this may be done in a future patch! Thanks, Chris Lezama
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