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  1. hi, What is signification when distance appears in color magenta when finding alternates airports on flightplan, thank you francois
  2. Oui pardon, de PFPX lorsque l'on rempli le Flight plan apres avoir rentré la route; merçi
  3. Bonjour, je n ai pas bien compris ou bien cherché ce que signifie le changement de couleur ( passe en magenta) les distances lors de la recherche des aéroports alternates; Merçi françois
  4. Thanks Patrick for your help. Of course I had to write in English.However I had not considered this issue as a support function.Par example if I ask how to find my activation key it is clear that the forum is not there for that.Mais finally thanks again to have given the link to help me.
  5. Bonjour, Je n ai pas bien compris lorsque la distance affiché est en couleur magenta. Quelle signification Merçi Francois
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