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  1. @Barelenny Thanks that really solved the problem! But is this really a realistic depiction of Cowling Anti Ice on a CRJ ? Seems a bit much increasing N1 by 20 %
  2. Here in this Video you can better understand what I mean. In the beginning you see the high N1 of about 36 then I'm pressing and holding F1 on the keyboard until the N1 settles at around 21 after which I begin to increase the throttle again with my TCA Airbus (same happens with the Saitek too) everything is correctly assigned and calibrated as explained in the manual the Saitek in this case here was even plugged out, so no interference could have happened. As I begin to decrease the throttle from my TCA Airbus again you can see that N1 stays at 41 even though the Thrust lever in the Sim and also on my TCA Airbus is at idle. I hope this helps to understand the Issue I'm experiencing.
  3. Yes absolutely I have this issue with both the TCA Airbus and the Saitek. I also have separate Control profiles when I'm testing those throttles, so they don't mix the throttle values in the EFB. This also only happens after Landing and as you can see in the screenshot the throttle in the Aircraft is at idle.
  4. Hello unfortunately I have another Issue. When I'm on ground after the Landing I have a very high N1 (33-35). I have now switched to my Saitek Quadrant which does not have a reverse axis like the TCA Airbus. I recalibrated everything the detents work fine, but the IDLE Thrust is very high. Only after pressing F1 on the keyboard the Engine goes back to 21 N1.
  5. Ah, okay that's really different compared to mine. In the EFB its set to like -7200 or something I actually calibrated it already a few times, but it always comes up with those values.
  6. Ah okay got it. Now after I landed I get a very high Idle RPM of 41 N1 is this also linked to this throttle issue ?
  7. I am using the TCA Airbus Throttle. Setup so far worked good, but I realized while in cruise that the thrust is decreasing to idle when I'm moving the Throttle. Only after a while it comes back up to the desired N1.
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