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  1. Ist mir alles nur aufgefallen, weil ich echt Probleme mit den ganzen Einträgen in der addon.xml habe. Versuche gerade den Fehler zu finden. Hat mit SimStarterNG aber nichts zu tun.
  2. Dann hast Du nicht die aktuellste Version von EDDS; mit v1.10 wurde der Pfad geändert! Unter %SIM%\Ecosystem\Aerosoft sind bei mir: EDDT GenoaX La Palma Vaernes 2.0 Henni
  3. the correct path is \user\documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Aerosoft\...... Aerosoft has changed the installation path! There are many presets with the wrong path
  4. Hi, seems that the fileswitcher presets are pointing to wrong paths; the \ecosystem path is sometimes wrong since some newer products changed the installation path to \documents\p3d add on path using add on xml. Any plans to change the presets default path? Is there a way to edit them? Henni
  5. but when I make changes to the controls and export them within P3D, I would always have to copy the xml files in the simstarter folder. I have different SimStarterNG Presets for different aircraft, so it would be nice to assign different keys for different planes and load these control sets with SimStarter
  6. Are there any news regarding this issue?
  7. Hi, I can't get it to work: I am using P3D v4.1, when I export controler configurations, P3D tells me to save them in the documents\p3d v4 files folder. But when I whant to assign a specific controler set to a sim starter profile to start with that controler profile, simstarter points to that appdata\roaming\lm\p3d v4\controls folder, where the standard.xml is saved. I can't change that folder. So how do I get this sorted out? Greetings Henni
  8. @Capt. Pero and Tom: Why can't you state clearly that the update neccessary to find p3d v4.1 isn't published yet. I think that would clear some confusion. If I am wrong, please correct me! Greetings Henni
  9. PFPX crashes to desktop when I click on "Add flight"
  10. Hi, from the first release I can not get the nose wheel steering to work properly, and yes I have read the Vol1 manual. Although I notice some different behavior from the release version to v1.0.5, I still can't figure out how to set up the things correctly. I am using Win10 running P3D v3, controllers are 1. Mad Catz F.L.Y.5 Stick and 2. Xbox 360 Controller, FSUIPC registered At the moment I have the following problem: Not changing the default settings at all, what means that the rudder axis is also the steering tiller axis I can only steer on the ground with the N/W steering button in the OFF position. In that position the nose wheel is not moving when viewing from the spot view but the plane turns. When I set the N/W steering button in the ARM position, the nose wheel IS turning in the spot view BUT the plane does not turn at all. When is set an extra axis for the steering axis on controller 2 it stays the same: Taxi turns possible with N/W-steering button in OFF position and no animation of the nose wheel, animated nose wheel but no turning in the ARM position. In the earlier releases the nose wheel steering was more wierd; The position of the N/W-steering button did not matter at all AND the animation of the nose wheel turning was in the wrong direction (the nose wheel was "optically" turning left where the plane made a right turn. I have no idea at all what I am doing wrong or if there is a bug in the nose wheel steering logic. Greetings Henni
  11. There is no GSX folder within the DA CRJ folder! And yes Mathijs, you wrote that both files are included. No problem at all, but in this case I did something I have never done before: I have read (the first lines) of the manual BEFORE starting the simulator with the new bird installed the first time. I should not do so again! Greetings Henni
  12. Hi, where are the GSX and EZDOK config files mentioned in the manual? I can't find them. Henni
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