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  1. Hi Peter, hier besteht leider das gleiche Problem. Log im Anhang. Ich kann das ziemlich genau eingrenzen, Fehler entstand nach Installation des Windows Updates 2004. Lg Henrik SIMstarter NG.log
  2. Henni


    Why do I have to use the throttle axis 3 for the tiller? What is the reason not using the tiller axis instead? The strange thing is that having assigned the tiller axis within P3d seems to work for me. Why?
  3. Regarding PFPX I can say that the route loaded but only the DEP and ARR Airports were loaded. The route was missing completely.
  4. Thank you Hans, but is there a way to diasable the "CTRL + SHIFT + 1" shortcut (toggle MCDU keyboard input) also?
  5. Hello, I am using Chase Plane for switching the views. My keyboard offers some programmable buttons. The buttons G1 til G9 are programmed using Shift + CTRL + 1.....9 These settings interfere with the CRJ keyboard shortcuts. Is there a way to disable them?
  6. Hello, with the previous version you shared some PFPX aircraft templates. Are they still there? Are the ones from airliner performance the same/better ? In which folder are CO ROUTES stored? Is the PFPX export still working when changing the path? Greetings Henni
  7. Hi, I am interested in buying LSZH Prof. for P3D V4. It costs 30€. I own Mega Airport Zurich 2012. So I am able to upgrade this for 12,97€ to V2. If I own V2 I am able to update this to V2 Prof. paying 5,99€. That's 18,96€ for going from MA Zürich 2012 to V2 Professional. Two questions: 1. Will that work this way. 2. Why is there no offer for doing it this way? Greetings Henni
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