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  1. Great update guys! Everything is smooth. Please enable Connected Flight Deck so we can start testing it.
  2. I had the same problem several days ago in version Was doing descend from 9000 to 5000 feet in Open Descend mode and around 6000 the plane started to pitch up and down enormously absolutely uncontrollable. The wind was a headwind with 10 knots only. Nothing was helping, changing modes to speed selected, holding the altitude, nothing. I just noticed that when I made the 180 turn this behavior stopped. But after turning back it was happening again and I had to stop that flight.
  3. Simbol, on the picture above Mika is climbing in managed Climb. Please check your knowledge.
  4. Mathijs, which flight do we need to fly with low settings? Any special route?
  5. Guys, please pay attention that the problem with the vertical aggressive speed in Managed mode is happening not only on descend but during climb as well. It happens every single flight with me. And I made so many flights already to/from different locations around the world. The rest is working smooth.
  6. Please check my last videos on my YouTube channel “OVI_7” and you will see what is happening when attempting to manage climb after take off.
  7. I have the same issue from the first day of use (I bought it on release day). All my friends has reported the same. The problem is not solved by the updates. when using managed climb or descend the vertical speed is over 4000/min. And it has nothing to do with the weather or load because the plane flies perfectly in selected or open climb mode. But managed is doing crazy things below FL100. After FL100 usually it is better during climb. Vertical speed 6.000 in managed mode is crazy and something is wrong here. Alex
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