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  1. Thanks for replying Mathijs , I did try the CTRL+K function and will investigate it's use more today . Gary
  2. Is it possible to disable the joystick when the autopilot is engaged ? I'm finding with the Twin Otter with autopilot engaged , altitude hold engaged , when you select a lower altitude and either engage IAS mode or pitch down using the center console control it tends to pitch up initially when ALT hold mode disengages . Looks like in the moment where it switches autopilot modes it's responding to joystick position .
  3. Personally I'm running a pretty basic system . Good hardware but only a i5 processor . FSX , stock scenery , medium settings , current drivers , but it performs well with very minimal stutters when taxiing , none on takeoff , cruise or approach using PMDG (737,777,J41) , Aerosoft Airbus , Majestic Q400 . I really can't optimize anywhere else . The initial release of the CRJ was acceptable . For me each subsequent release did not perform as well , particularly on the approach phase . I appreciate what you are saying but I'm sure people are hesitant to fiddle with their systems if it's already running well with all their other add-ons out of fear of screwing things up . If this is the best it will be .. well , it is what it is . It's always a risk for me to purchase a new aircraft with my system . Please don't take this the wrong way but I am curious when you say the CRJ has a lot more going on that other aircraft in this class don't ? Respectfully ..
  4. I had a similar situation , dual cue FD , close to 90 deg turn on the CYPRESS Star into KMIA , started the turn quite early at CYY , the FD would jump far to the right then jump back to centre . Did this 3 times . FD did not stay to the right long enough for autopilot to react .
  5. I too have noticed a performance drop with this latest version . Clean install , C++ Redistributable up to date . I5 processor but previous versions were very acceptable . While attempting to descend in speed mode ( 320 kts ) the speed bled off to 260 kts before autopilot reacted . Related to performance issues ?
  6. My apologies ... FSX . I would suggest trying the KMIA Winco Sid off 08R . There is a 90 deg turn north shortly after takeoff . It will probably do the same thing .
  7. Installed latest version 1.0.1 . Flight from KSRQ - KMIA . Departure RWY 14 on vectors . Climb to FL250 , Direct to RSW , entry point to the CYY star . Turn at RSW to next fix in star CYY okay . Turn at at CYY ( almost 90 deg left turn ) to next fix in star DEEDS appeared to start too early , lateral Flight Director bar would deflect far to the right momentarily , then return to center . A bit of wing wobble when this occurred . Repeated this until it intercepted the next leg of the star .
  8. I agree . I have no problem with the fact there are issues . I'm sure they will eventually be fixed . I feel for the developers who must feel the pressure . Put it in perspective , the cost was the same as a dinner out and a glass of wine but even with the bugs I've enjoyed it more that I would have the dinner out . To Mr. Hartman .. nice work .
  9. FSX ... still has issues tracking FMS route . No problems with ILS .
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