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  1. the infobar stays steady, no beep and cabin crew sound Is on but I did recalibrate my joystick which solved the issue. thanks for getting me flying again 😀🛫
  2. I have checked my gsx settings, even restarted and the before start checklist still doesn’t start
  3. yes I use the FSDT updater regularly but I will double check the GSX settings and let you know
  4. Sorry I’m using the a320/a321 professional. Yes I updated to v1.4.0.2 and yes I’ve checked the MCDU3, I even tried to open and close the main exit again The GSX pushback option is highlighted in the MCDU, despite this I have even tried closing the doors manually which also hasn’t worked
  5. I’m having the same issue and I’m using the GSX option 5 to close the doors. Im using P3D v5
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