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  1. Hi Ben, Thanks for your comment. I don't use FSUIPC for this kind of settings, but I figured out something else, which works good at the moment. In P3D, I have assigned the spoilers (arm) event in key assignments to switch 22/23 ( AT arm on/off) of the BTQ, which function I use in my MCP hardware. The first time I started up the PMDG737NGXu, I got some warnings, but I clicked it away, without consequences. The switch works and after several starts, it still works, so now I can arm the spoilers without deploying and after landing it will deploy automatically. The speedbrake on the axis can still being used for reducing the speed. Regards, Charles
  2. I,ve noticed a strange thing while arming the speedbrakes on the Bravo Throttle Quadrant while descending with the 737 NGXu. When I move the speedbrake arm a tiny bit just to show the green light "speedbrake armed", I also notice the spoilers deploy a little, and that is strange in my opinion However, when I click on the upper part of the speedbrake in the sim, it is armed without deploying and that is what it should be, I think. Is there a way to arm without deploying on the BTQ or do I miss something? Regards, Charles Brak
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