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  1. sir don't take it personally no one ask you to solve the problems of aerosoft products on sunday,I didn't,I ask support in aerosoft forum to aerosoft support members, you have been kind of trying to help me but your ways were not nice,it is an aerosoft support forum so I talk with they and I don't expect nothing from other members of this forum apart aerosoft support members...and so please...I don't want to occupy space in a forum dedicated to the support responding unnecessarily to unnecessary messages, I will wait for aerosoft answers and no longer respond to messages more aggressive of this kind in this room from other members apart aerosoft support members. I apologize to the other members for the inconvenience,is something really sad...thanks Mario
  2. I think that who take my money for something have to stay there also to solve my problem regarding the product thath I bought from them...if you don't have time to support the product that you sell please stay at home perhaps learning education and customer care principles....you are not doing me a favor but I am paying for a service........ I have no problem with Aerosoft, whose work I respect Infact I'm waiting for a response from them regarding a software that should include a docking systems (as stated in the shop page) and wich don't include it.....in the shop page you have not indicated that it would be active after the next update and for me it is not correct against customers...
  3. hy sir, scenery complexity slider is full to the right but nothing changes....I test it also with all setting to the right....without results...I install the scenery also with a new formatted copy of fs2004 in an other pc but is the same situation: no docking systems....any help?
  4. Ciao, ho provato anche a settare tutto al massimo ma non vedo docking systems, ma mi confermi che ci sono nello scenario, puoi allegare una immagine?, ecco quello che ho io
  5. Hello, I have no docking system in my heam fs2004 scenery is it normal? I have all the display settings to dense thanks
  6. heiii? are you there?....there is someone here?....I'm a customer...do you have any news for my problem?...thank you...have a nice day
  7. Salve ho un problema con lo scenario: non vedo i sistemi di docking in nessun gate da cosa puo dipendere?
  8. Hello, I have no docking system in my heam fs2004 scenery is it normal? I have all the display settings to dense thanks
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