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  1. All is done and all works great with every other plane!
  2. Okay i found my issue. It does work like it should. But when turning the heading knob with the scroll wheel it is possible to hit the 1/2 bank switch. Maybe it would be good to disable scroll wheel for the buttons
  3. I will have to double check but I'm pretty sure it turned on before that
  4. Im having this on almost every flight. Sometime during flight 1/2 bank randomly activates. I can't say what triggers it
  5. i also never saw any return of the wx radar
  6. just had the pop up crash again. i poped up the display to set landing elevation but as soon as i clicked the display p3d crashes without error message
  7. I would also like to somehow get the originals
  8. when pressing the black placard the yoke doesnt hide, but flickers on and off 1 time.
  9. My lights are too bright in p3d v4 (dynamic lighting enabled). thats the taxi lights and navlights. you can even see the outline of the light beam on the left nav light.
  10. for me it also happens without undocking. (there isnt even time to undock as it crashes immideately). Specs: i7 4790k, GTX980, newest driver version, 4k 16:9 monitor P3d: pretty high settings. HDR lightning, shadows and that stuff on, 4xMSAA. no nvidia inspector
  11. I'm sorry, can't give more information as there is none. But it seems to be reproduceable..
  12. I don't have tool tips enabled. The first time I got the ctd was on approach. I poped up the pfd and the the sim froze and crashed immediately. Second time I just entered cruise phase and poped the eicas display up. Same crash, no event viewer entry.. the weird thing is i used pop ups on the ground in flight prep and it didn't happen
  13. I also have the twitchy yoke and I can't hide the yoke. When pressing the placard the yoke goes away and comes back immediately
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