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  1. I built an overhead and other stuff for a320 (se my profile picture) 😉
  2. IT WORKS!!! Thank you very much again Hans!
  3. Thank you Hans, it's exactly what I mean. I had only the knob animation. I'm going to try the command you suggested and let you know, but I'm quite sure it will works.
  4. Does anyone know the LVAR command to activate Windshield Wipers? I've found this: AB_OVH_WIPERL_KNOB Overhead, Windshield Wipers Left 50 = fast, 25 = slow, 0 = off read/write AB_OVH_WIPERR_KNOB Overhead, Windshield Wipers Right 50 = fast, 25 = slow, 0 = off read/write but I got only the wiper knob rotation while the wipers don't move
  5. Can you write what exactly has been fixed with this update? In order to do a quick check Thanks a lot
  6. klisura

    Shaking Airbus

    Blurry landscape is due to affinitymask
  7. Thank you Dave, we'll keep on recruiting! 👍
  8. I always fly with a friend on ivao with 2 A320. Now with CFD is really better and immersive. We hope to find other people interested in CFD, but 24 hours later no one asked to join...😔
  9. Thank you, I hope to find some mates... The link above is wrong. That's the correct one:
  10. Italian speaking people interested in Aerosoft Airbus shared cockpit please join Thank you!
  11. This facebook group is for italian speaking people who want to share airbus cockpit
  12. Me and @waltervizzi this morning performed a flight from EDDL to LFMN. CFD works quite well. That's the bugs report: 1. FUEL LOAD NOT SYNCHED Captain loaded fuel but only for his plane. That caused engines shut down few minutes after T.O. for both planes. It's very important that both PF and PM load fuel on the plane. So we did in the second flight attempt 2. RADIO FREQUENCIES NOT SYNCHED Both pilots must select the stand by frequence and only after that switch to activate it 3. MCDU NOT PERFECTLY SYNCHED Somethings work and something no. Both pilots must align and do other stuff. Pay always attention to MCDU 4. DOORS Our first flight attempt failed due to doors not synched. PM had got doors closed while PM had got cargo doors opened. In the second flight attempt doors were synched. So before start engines check doors status. 5. BARO QNH NOT SYNCHED Both pilots have to set qnh Unfortunately we have to report managed speed issue. During cruise managed speed suddenly drop to 117. So this bug is still there whatever aerosoft says about it. It's a random issue but still present. When we experienced the bug we saw that cruise ecam page was not more present. So it's like approach phase self activated.
  13. Reply from TSS on their Facebook page : the difference is all new sounds, new method for editing, much more accurate, and generally a better soundpackage.
  14. Finally it's out
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