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  1. About the EFB, is it possibile to open it as popup window?
  2. Did you compile the approach phase (just compiled not activated) right before having the issue?
  3. Maybe it was PFD, but I remember that ND too was under developing for 2d pop up. I hope it can be implemented soon
  4. So the update is out since tuesday and it isn't written anywhere else than in this post. In the main forum page, announcement section, it's still " available" Could be possible next time make it more visible?
  5. Hi Dave, in the update you are testing, is MCDU sync'd? And fueling? Or each pilot has to refuel the plane?
  6. I built an overhead and other stuff for a320 (se my profile picture) 😉
  7. IT WORKS!!! Thank you very much again Hans!
  8. Thank you Hans, it's exactly what I mean. I had only the knob animation. I'm going to try the command you suggested and let you know, but I'm quite sure it will works.
  9. Does anyone know the LVAR command to activate Windshield Wipers? I've found this: AB_OVH_WIPERL_KNOB Overhead, Windshield Wipers Left 50 = fast, 25 = slow, 0 = off read/write AB_OVH_WIPERR_KNOB Overhead, Windshield Wipers Right 50 = fast, 25 = slow, 0 = off read/write but I got only the wiper knob rotation while the wipers don't move
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