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  1. Still missing new ND and pop up display... Are still in the development plans?
  2. Well it's what is written on mcdu CFD Page. I'm glad it's going to beta
  3. I hope that A320/330 promised features as new ND system, pop up displays and a final version of CFD (it's in "very alpha stage" yet) will be accomplished in P3d version and not abandoned with the excuse of the upcoming new MSFS
  4. When can we expect CFD in final release? Is it still alpha?
  5. Alitalia https://www.flickr.com/photos/38998307@N05/26290726574
  6. Robert it's the scenario! That's why if you generate a new cfg p3d doesn't crash, because it starts with F22 default aircraft. While if you save a scenario with A320 then if you launch A330 you have a CTD. So p3d has to start with a default aircraft
  7. Thank you Dave, I appreciate your kindess. Regenerating p3d.cfg has partially solved my issue. I know it's not my system because my friend @waltervizzi experienced the same and so others here. I think not everybody has updated the 320 and who did maybe didn't try to launch the 330. Anyway best luck to everyone and thank you again
  8. I assume that after a320 update to v.1.3.0 the A330 doesn't work anymore and make p3d crashing in the exact moment I try to load the A330 and I'm not the only one. Something like "we are sorry, we take a look at the issue" would be appreciated instead of "we have billions of user without issue"
  9. Sorry, as always, it's my (our) fault. Thank you for assistance
  10. Bill, delete p3d.cfg file (remember to backup or take a note of every single p3d setting, export joystick settings) then run p3d again in order to let it generate a new .cfg file That solves the issue
  11. Yes I know, I'm not new in flight simming... Anyway after making all settings again I feel that p3d is not the same. Now when I launch an airbus flight I got 2/3 seconds system freeze. I'll try to unistall and reinstall p3d client as suggested by Dave
  12. Dave the procedure didn't work to solve the issue. I didn't know I had to unistall all airbus and reinstall them starting from the 318, that would have prevent the issue for sure but once happened the only thing that partially works is a fresh new p3d.cfg but I have the feeling that p3d is not the same as before the issue
  13. Thank you, the only thing that partially worked it's deleting the p3d.cfg and let p3d generate a fresh one (with all the settings to set up from the scratch). Anyway I still got a 2 seconds system freezing when load an Aerosft Airbus. I have so little time for my sim that I hate to spend it fixing things instead of flying
  14. The 320 update messed up the A330 that now crash immediately. I'm not the only one
  15. Someone hijacked my whole sim with a a faulty update and that's not me... I have 2 topics open, nobody from Aerosoft replies
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