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  1. No, there's nothing Spad.Next can do on his side. If aerosoft doesn't fix it the only thing to do is to roll back to the stable version ( as I did
  2. Same here, I'll roll back to the last stable bus version
  3. No, I'm running p3d 4.5 as written in the first post
  4. Mr Ulrich from Spad.Next replied to me: "Nothing i can do on my side. P3D SimConnect limits frequencies to BCD16 with 2 decimals. No extented Frequency handling is known to me for P3D (like e.g. MSFS where it's unlimited)" So do you think is there something Aerosoft on his side can do to fix the issue or should I go back to the previous stable bus version?
  5. After latest update on A320, p3d 4.5, I got an issue on set Com 1 frequency on saitek radio panel. Has something been modified on radio frequency in A320 with the last update? Just in order to solve with the help of spad.next developer
  6. I read the changelog and I didn't find that brake issue fix. Do you confirm it is fixed? (I didn't have time to try yet...)
  7. In the last development update, MSFS2020 team said: " We are working on some much-needed features and providing code to help port existing C++ aircraft." Can this help to speed up the release of aircrafts? Or a complete new coding is needed in any case?
  8. And what about Airbus pro?? Are you working on it or are you helping Asobo to complete their A320 Neo (it's still far from Aerosoft level)?
  9. Hi Dave, hi everybody just to report the results of my attemps with my mate @waltervizzi. We tried everything, he also set differential brakes on 2 buttons instead of brakes but the issue is still there. We gave up. Altough I didn't have the issue during my CFD with Dave, I continue to have it with my mate and the weird thing it's we don't experience the issue with A320 and I can't understand why if it's a calibration problem... It's a brain teaser! Have an happy Easter
  10. Hi Dave, first I wanted to say it's been a pleasure meeting you and talking to you. Later in the evening I tried again with Walter but the issue was still there, so it should be on his side. As you suggested, I ask to Walter to use differential brakes instead of brakes, but he uses a joystick button and he can't assign the same button to 2 different actions (left and right brake). Do you know how to do it? We will do other test in these days hoping to find the solution. In the meantime it would be interesting to know from others who are experiencing this issue which peripherals they
  11. Hi Dave, I'm filling the form. Ping Plotter to CFD Server gave me MIN 0 - MAX 0 - AVG 0. Is it normal? I think the address is wrong. Anyway I'll be on discord this afternoon to check with you Target Name: IP: Date/Time: 05/04/2020 08:29:56 - 05/04/2020 08:39:56 Hop Sent PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP] 1 75 0 0,33 108,07 5,09 home [] 2 75 25 2,60 5,25 3,05 static-213-205-16-15.clienti.tiscali.it [] 3 75 29 2,62 3,59
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