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  1. klisura

    Doors with GSX level 2

    +1 for a selection box into the AS configuration that allows using this or not
  2. klisura

    Undocked window dimension

    Thank you, I'll have a look at that topic suggested by Dave Regards
  3. Is there a way to set a default dimension for undocked window? For example when I click on pfd I got a 2d pfd window. How can I set my own custom dimension of it in order to not resize it each time?
  4. klisura

    Managed speed issues

    I know It very well and you know I sent you my settings to help you to find a solution. But I think is unrespectul to deny or minimize the problem, or say we are only 34 as a someone uses to say. Apologise first, then ask help (I'm not referring to you, I think you understood). Saying that it's our fault or let us feel like that is unrespectful
  5. klisura

    Managed speed issues

    Flight plan should have nothing to do with this issue. As reported before, I use to fly on Ivao with a friend of mine. Same route, same aircraft...only 5 minutes and few miles separetes one from the other. I have the issue, he does not.
  6. klisura

    Managed speed issues

    Speed bug and loss of power bug experienced only on customer's pc... The solution is to become developers, or at least, buy their pc
  7. klisura

    A320, speedbrakes and FSUIPC problem

    Enter "controls" in P3d settings page and assign speedbrakes to an axis of your joystick
  8. klisura

    A320, speedbrakes and FSUIPC problem

    No need to use fsuipc. Just use axis control feature in p3d
  9. klisura

    Managed speed issues

    Interesting, this would explain why a friend of mine, who does not use the checklist, has never had the speed bug, and so many other people and developers... So the first question is: is there someone who suffered the bug that was not using the auto checklist?
  10. klisura

    Managed speed issues

    Harold I appreciate your efforts but this bug is really random. Sometimes I have it, sometimes no... at the moment no one knows why it happens and I really dont' believe in all those uninstall & install procedures. And I don't want to do the developer or the beta tester. I just want to fly a flyable product if possible. There are people paid to solve bugs. I can only wait
  11. klisura

    Copilot auto activated

    I don't think to have hit 2 on the keyboard. In any case it was impossibile to deactivate the copilot using mcdu3. Yes I use active sky
  12. After have initiated the descent the copilot self activated and there was no way to deactivate.
  13. klisura

    Managed speed issues

    No. My mate was flying on Ivao as me (was just 50 miles in front of me), and he always flyes on Ivao without this issue.
  14. klisura

    Managed speed issues

    Operating System: win 10 pro Simulator version: p3d v4.4 Airbus version: Add-ons in use: Active Sky, Chaseplane, Ivap, Efb 2, Project fly System specs: i7 4790k, 16GB RAM, GTX Aorus 1080 - 1 ssd 256gb + 2 ssd 500gb Description of the issue: During cruise at 35000 ft, speed decreased at 140 kt (A.floor on pfd). Before that, I had inserted approach data in fmc without activating approach phase but it seemed as if the performance of the approach had been activated Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, what are the exact steps you are taking for this issue to happen?: It was my first flight after a long time of inactivity Additional information (route, weights, special area where the issue occurred etc.): I was flying online on Ivao with a mate. Same route (ELLX-LIPZ), same plane (320CFM), same airbus version ( He's is a frequent flyer (almost 1 flight a day) and never experienced that issue. The only difference with my system is that he doesn't run Active sky but a different weather engine.
  15. klisura

    ND pop up

    Thank you for deleting my 2 posts, that were, of course, my last 2 posts on this whole forum. Happy new year