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  1. Phil122

    Low Fps

    @masterhawk My GPU is a NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 745M. I m now at my work and can post the load on Core 1 later. But why is so much difference between the Aircraft?
  2. Phil122

    Low Fps

    Hi I have now make a reinstall and turn off trueglass but it dont help.
  3. Phil122

    Low Fps

    Thank you. Make now a reinstall.
  4. Phil122

    Low Fps

    My CPU usage is around 15%
  5. Phil122

    Low Fps

    I use Active Sky, GSX, Ut Live traffic.
  6. Phil122

    Low Fps

    Hallo, I habe 30 fps for the first 45 seconds and after that the fps Drops to 10. I get with other airplanes like Pmdg 737, 777, 747 or the Qw 787 around 30 fps. Have somebody the same problem? Philipp
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