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  1. To follow up on this, trying to set up a flight just now, manually entering waypoints without airways between them in the FPLN page (Direct instead of Airway) it does the same on the FMS. It puts a ghost point named 0 about 2500 nm away and it cannot be moved or deleted from either the legs page or the flight plan page (it is invisible in the FPLN page, only can see it in LEGS). It shows the same behaviour, and can only shift it down by entering the rest of the route above it, and eventually it will crash all the avionics...
  2. Has anyone else had this? Every time I select DIR to a waypoint in my flight plan, a random 0 named waypoint is inserted in a random position in front of me and then the LNAV just loses the plot. It will not go towards the DIR waypoint nor will it go to the other one, although that new 0 named one is selected and the line is drawn for it...
  3. If you have a single axis controller it doesn't matter as you still use that same axis as input for everything. I am not sure for multi-axis controllers, but if I understand correctly it is only single-axis controllers that were affected by this bug.
  4. Someone give this man a cookie, because he solved it! Mapping throttle axis 1 and 2 in the MSFS option in addition to the one it already had for the joystick (so 3 inputs in total for the same axis on the joystick) and then going into the EFB of the CRJ and selecting dual axis now works! Off to fly this new update finally
  5. Something I noticed that maybe help the debugging process: it seems like the throttle is locked to idle, like some other input is overriding either manually moving the throttles with the mouse from inside the cockpit or with the throttle axis on the joystick. It does work however with the F1 to F4 buttons as expected. If you try to move it with the joystick axis though, it seems like it tries to move but then reverts back to the idle position. That is with the plane in ready to taxi state, and I found the folders in the packages and deleted everything during re-install. So this is with a fully clean install and all the default options (apart from livery).
  6. Good luck with the issue, hopefully it's an easy one and we get a hotfix soon (fingers crossed)
  7. Can someone from the dev team provide a full clean install step by step guide with all the hidden folder we need to delete? Maybe it will be solved like that.
  8. Same issue here, came looking for a solution. Thrustmaster T flight HOTAS X, it was working fine before the latest update. It now doesn't see the throttle axis for raw value at all. I uninstalled via the control panel add/remove programs and installed with the new installer and have this issue ever since. Regardless of the options on the calibration page, it does not see the throttle control at all. FS can see it no problem.
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