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  1. did a full reinstallation of the airac still no luck thx for your help, I'm over and out
  2. Do I need to activate or deactivate something in my planning? But thanks for your help, at least you had the time for helping me out, what can't be said by Aerosoft. I once again went back to version 1.28 where everything works perfectly. I must admit that there needs to be help from the developers since I opened a ticket a long time ago and still there is not a single answer. I seriously considering changing to simbrief for my planning program.
  3. AIRAC-Cycle from Navigraph: NG1902 31-Jan-2019 - 27-Feb-2019 (Current) both on PFPX and Vasfmc PFPX Version: 2.03 Server subscription: 26-Oct-2019 Vasfmc Version 2.1 FMS 4.12Z AIRAC 1902 31JAN28FEB/19
  4. I will check it in a few minutes and get back to you
  5. the working file: LFMNLSZH01.fmc the files that do not work: LSZHLFPG01.fmc ZRHCDG01.fmc LSZHLFPGLX652.fmc LSZHLFPG01.fmc ZRHCDG01.fmc
  6. I gave it a try with the resukt, that it's not working. I could only plan one flight, all the others did not work out. When I export the pln and insert it into Vasfmc, the destination airport is the same as the departure airport. When I replan the flight, the departure airport is shown as a waypoint. It's not working correctly
  7. ok, I will try to write in LSZHLSGG01 and save it to vasfmc and look what it tells me
  8. And how do you save the route? For example: ZRHGVA01 or LSZHLSGG01 or different?
  9. One week over and still no service whatsoever thx again for your „great“ support
  10. Is there a solution for this problem? I opened a ticket a month ago and still no answer from the ticket and still no answer here in the forum. thx for the support
  11. I switched back to the old version with my backup so that it is working properly
  12. Did you have the chance to look into this problem?
  13. EDDLEDDM001.fmc This is the plan which comes with the download ZBAALSZH01.fmc This is the one I created with PFPXV2
  14. Hello, today I updated to version 2.0 of PFPX. I have the following problem: When I save a flightplan for vasfmc, the flightplan is not correctly saved, thus cannot be used in vasfmc. When I want to use it, the departure airport is shown as a waypoint, the arrival airport is not implemented in the destintation field of the vasfmc FCDU. I save it in the Vasfmc 2.1 standalone folder. When I activate the plan thru the MCDU, the departure and destination airports are shown as waypoints. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Jan