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  1. Perfect! Thank you for clarifying Mathijs (and thank you to Hans for looking into the issue)! I'll go ahead start up a new flight, and just make sure to keep the flight active in the sim from start to finish until the functionality is resolved. Thanks again! Rockwell
  2. Good afternoon! Just adding a comment that I found another forum post regarding this issue. A developer responding there commented that restoring of an aircraft from a saved flight does not restore the aircraft state to what it was when it was saved: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/161919-flight-save-restore-not-supported/ Based on the context of the developer's response, can we assume this functionality is not planned to be added? If so, what are the .crj and .flt files used for? Are they part of some sort of planned functionality later on? It's not a huge deal to me either way (though admittedly, it would be a nice functionality), but I'm just trying to get a solid answer on this. Cheers! Rockwell
  3. Hello again. Any news on this? I have a saved flight, and I would like to try and resume it if I can before I go ahead and start up a new one. I tried numerous things to fix it (re-linked the LocalState folder to an unprotected directory to get around read/write protections imposed by TrustedInstaller, renamed the AS-generated .crj and .flt files to be uppercase to match the .FLT file generated by MSFS, etc.), but nothing is doing it for me, I'm afraid. Is it possible that the failure to re-load the saved aircraft state (i.e., the one saved in the .crj and .flt files) when loading up a saved flight is a bug?
  4. Thanks for the input @jaxx. Perhaps this isn't something going on exclusively with me then. Just wanted to add that I have enabled Developer Mode in the sim to see the logs, and I do see three error-level logs that begin with ASCRJ_DEBUG: Exception: followed by what appears to be an error code (in the form #/##/#...#) upon aircraft load. Unfortunately, I am unable to extrapolate any information from these. Does the CRJ output its own debug log elsewhere? I'm just getting the nagging feeling that it's not locating the .crj/flt files or otherwise doesn't have correct read/write permissions (the packages\aerosoft-crj folder contents, like everything else in the Microsoft Store version of the sim's app data, have a gold lock on their icon), but I have no actual evidence to base that on.
  5. Glad to hear it is working properly for you in terms of restoring a save! I have tried something similar myself; I save the aircraft when it is on the ground, and I turn on the landing lights and move the throttle position, save, and then load the save, and in my case, it is not restoring those positions (landing lights are off again, and throttle is back at idle). Are you loading the MSFS-created .FLT file from the world map to resume? I assume that the aircraft uses that as the reference point to load in the other properties it saved independently. Now, my PC is a little oddly configured: the sim (Microsoft Store version) is installed to E:\, but using NTFS junctions, all MSFS app data is found under %LOCALAPPDATA%\<rest of path>, which is technically the C:\ Drive, perhaps there is an issue in the sim due to drive letters. Or perhaps there is another mod causing issues (such as A32NX, etc.). Whatever the case, this sounds like a configuration issue on my end. As for your second point, I have noticed that as well on occasion. What I see most of the time, however, is that everything functions as expected, but the weather option alone is disabled, and cannot be adjusted. I don't know why that is disabled, but I can check that on a default aircraft flight when I have an opportunity and report back if you like.
  6. Good morning! (Or at least it is here). Hope you had a good weekend! Just checking in; any update on this?
  7. Excellent. Thank you. I appreciate it!
  8. Thank you for your quick response, Mathijs! That's good to hear that settings are being saved upon flight save. Out of curiosity, loading a save in the sim (i.e., World Map > Save/Load > Load > select a .FLT file from file dialog) is not loading in these preserved settings for me. I am running the simulator as administrator, but it is possible I might be missing missing a step. Would you be able to advise?
  9. Hello. My apologies if this has been already addressed in another post, or in the aircraft documentation, but just out of curiosity, does the MSFS Release of the CRJ550/700 support state saving similar to the Airbuses (and possibly the CRJ as well) in Prepar3D? I have been looking through the manuals and forums as much as I can, and I did not find any discussion on this matter. I have noticed the generation of .crj and .flt files folder under %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj\work when a flight is saved from the MSFS menu, but loading the saved flight resets the panel state to the specified default in the EFB. Any clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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