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  1. Hello I fly A330 from EDDM to LGAV. I have a ZFW of 162.1t and 20.0t fuel. It tells me an Optimal Cruise Altitude of FL410. Is that realistic? Fabian
  2. oh, I saw they're working on that problem. Done, thank you. Fabian
  3. I still can't make the Landing Ligths. But even at the checklist, the co-pilot does not switch on the landing lights. Fabian
  4. thank you for this Information. I have Fun whit the A330 Fabian
  5. I landed after 12 hours 35 minutes with 13.4t although he had said 2.4t fuel during the flight. Fabian
  6. How should I plan the flight? The flight LFPO - ZBAA Simbrief 64.0. Fuelplanner 44.4 Blockfuel. I loaded 69.6 Blockfuel and now it is getting less and less and less at the destination. Cost Index is 35, how can I reliably plan fuel? Whit A330Professional Fabian
  7. I'm in flight. The cruise checklist has an endless loop. Seatbelts OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF and again and again and again and again OFF OFF OFF OFF. I can't stop it. The flight is 10 hours away. I don't have to stop this flight too, do I? New Update running today. Fabian
  8. Naja en wenig mehr planen, ein wenig mehr sich dmit auseinander setzen würde ich schon, den es ist ja eine Simulation. Also nicht einfach nur volltanken und Vollgas. Mal lernen den Fuel berechnen ist interesannt, mal lernen den Flieger richtig zu bedienen ist interesannt. Fliegst Du enfach irgendwie von A nach B? Keine Flugplanung nichts? Fabian
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