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  1. I have no additional shaders installed or anything else. Fabian
  2. Here you see the shining on Tires and Engine Blade, you see the shado from the Clouds. Fabian
  3. I make a re download in Simmarket, but i have the same Version. i don`t no, it`s to complicate for me. Again Install, the Updater say, i have Version and no Update, i`am actual
  4. Ok Great, thanks. But in the Updater i see, is actual Version. but i do it. Fabian
  5. In Aerosoft Updater is: Installierte Version: Fabian
  6. Oh sorry. šŸ˜• I make today a Flight, i make Fotos. P3dv4.5 A330. Fabian
  7. Hello When I look into the running engine from the front, the first engine blade shines. That does not look good. Even the tires shine. I think that's from PBR. Fabian
  8. Hello, is there no solution that the Autobrake always works? On the first flight it works and after the second flight it does not work anymore. This is a great pity and a big deficiency for me.I make a Landing in KIAH Addon Scenery. The Landing befor KMCO Addon Scenery was no Problem whit Autobrake. Fabian
  9. I have the same problem. On the first flight, the autobrake worked. The second flight, it didn't. I didn't reboot the computer. Fabian
  10. Hello I fly A330 from EDDM to LGAV. I have a ZFW of 162.1t and 20.0t fuel. It tells me an Optimal Cruise Altitude of FL410. Is that realistic? Fabian
  11. oh, I saw they're working on that problem. Done, thank you. Fabian
  12. I still can't make the Landing Ligths. But even at the checklist, the co-pilot does not switch on the landing lights. Fabian
  13. thank you for this Information. I have Fun whit the A330 Fabian
  14. I landed after 12 hours 35 minutes with 13.4t although he had said 2.4t fuel during the flight. Fabian
  15. How should I plan the flight? The flight LFPO - ZBAA Simbrief 64.0. Fuelplanner 44.4 Blockfuel. I loaded 69.6 Blockfuel and now it is getting less and less and less at the destination. Cost Index is 35, how can I reliably plan fuel? Whit A330Professional Fabian
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