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  1. It was pure humor Tom, maybe more to say how disappointed i am... . Anyway ill wait for this one. Merry Christmas !
  2. Trust me, wait for the Aerosoft version. 140$+tax is not cheap and currently does not stands behind what it's supposed to be. The Fslabs has great potential but many issues and the painfull long waiting for updates is just terrible. Even i spent 140$ for that i think it is very likely i would buy the Aerosoft bus. I wish i had more patience . Btw it was being said on the Fslabs fourm that vc rain is out of the question anytime soon so...
  3. Direct law is when things go VERY BAD ! if anything i believe alternate law will be more common...
  4. Mathijs, i think that this specific thing is very important for the realism unlike other things such as : external model, wings view, cabin etc... IMO Guys ! i would disabled the external model if it would add me some performance. taxing in heavy rain should be a challenge as well and till today heavy rain or no rain made no difference.
  5. Well with the way it perform right now it will be risky... and the speed they release updates i dont really know what to expect from them... but lets leave it and focus on this beauty.
  6. These photos and features is just great ! The VC rain is amazing ! Too bad this wasn't avail before i had purchased another A320 addon... Really good job Aerosoft and great customer communication !
  7. It dosnt matter that its a different plane, it could have being a Boeing 737... But the fact is that their VC quality is a joke compare to this plane, and its undeniable. But again, leave it. Lets stay on the topic of this A330 with the beautiful VC.
  8. To be honest i never watch the exterior model, even more i sometime cancel it for more VAS... but this VC is really a state of the art ! I really dont want to make this Fslabs vs Aerosoft post but this VC looks 10 times better from the one i paid 140$ for...
  9. Fslabs have much to learn on how VC texture should look like. Very very nice job Aerosoft !
  10. Does the VDGS suppose to work at all in P3D v3 ?
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