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  1. Flew the 550 today and the center tank ran out of fuel but the wing tanks each had about 4000 lbs of fuel in them. I don't recall having problem before the latest update. Perhaps I'm doing something incorrect.
  2. Is there a way to light the tails on these planes? In the dark they don't show up and it would be great to see the bright colors of the different liveries on night, dusk and dawn flights. Thanks
  3. Yes...I had similar freeze yesterday and the day before while changing waypoints on approach. I can tell when things are going bad because the flight paths don't clear and rewrite properly - resulting in flight paths cluttering the screen. If you see that stop entry and manually fly the plane if you still can. Further inputs eventually cause freeze of entire system and even the simulator to the point I must kill the application from Task Manager. My only work around is to set the entire flight from takeoff to landing. At least this way I'm relatively assured of a completed flight. Any changes to the approach and you risk freezing the sim and losing an hour or more of flight time - very frustrating.
  4. Yes, I reinstalled aircraft without any change. I think it seems to be related to specific waypoints on the approach. For example, KMSP to KDLH, the DAYAR transition will always freeze and then CTD, but the DLH transition works. I strongly recommend testing possible arrivals before you actually fly to ensure they are functional. I think that, if they are, then you will be able to successfully complete the flight using those tested approaches.
  5. Responded to the post directly above mine I believe.
  6. I don't understand why I should have to uninstall the entire simulator and reinstall it because this single addon developed problems following the latest update made by Aerosoft to this addon. I'm hoping that they are working on this issue and can fix it without requiring all their customers to reinstall the entire MSFS simulator.
  7. Agreed! Sadly, I'm among those who have had to shelve this plane until this problem is fixed. Too bad I can't go back to pre-update version that worked better. I tried removing all items from community folder and the problem remains. I can't enter an approach without the plane freezing and CTD shortly after.
  8. Since latest update MSFS crj550 the sim freezes and crashes to desktop every time I try to enter the route from KMSP to KDLH in the FMC. Once the orig and dest codes are entered, try to enter the arrival for ILS27 with DAYAR transition. Instant freeze of system and crash to desktop after about 20 seconds. Repeated with same result 4 times.
  9. Just a quick note to say how much I've really been enjoying the CRJ550/700 for MSFS. I've only had the plane dive on approach once, but I've been learning as I continue to read and watch tutorials and it's right up there with the A320Neo as my favorite aircraft now. I'm certain that, as the minor bugs get fixed, it will only get better. Thanks for a great addition to my MSFS hangar. John
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