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  1. Thanks Mathijs, appreciate this as the parallel thread was confusing - it was stated Pad-labs finished the update so wanted to check if this was actually the files for v1.1.0. Want to get Zurich but prefer to wait for v3 only if it's still relevant
  2. Hello, I am looking to purchase Zurich however I've noticed the v3 discussion in the previews section was locked and there was an update 1.1.0 released for v2 shortly after. Is v3 still planned or was it decided it will be a free 1.1.0 update? Thanks
  3. I installed them to the default location the installer was pointing at. Weird I did not encounter this issue when installing other airports into the main P3D folder.
  4. Hello, I've recently purchased a few airports in the Aerosoft site. Among them the following (done by MK-studios) are not added automatically to the scenery.cfg file - Rome, Napoli, Madeira. These specifically are installed into the ecosystem folder in the main P3D v4 folder. I've ran the installation as admin, any reason the scenery is not added? Thank you Shomron
  5. Hello, I've purchased EDDB a couple of days ago. I got 2 files on Simmarket. Question - who needs to install the patch? Only ORBX Germany region users or also ORBX global or LC users? I assume this needs to be installed after installing the original file since it said it requires it as a prerequisite. I saw another thread on this topic but the guidelines were not clear and I also could not find ORBX mentioned in the airport manual. Thank you, Shom
  6. Thanks is this planned to be fixed in a future update?
  7. Doesn't the A330 have the view system including wing views (for people not using camera add ons)?
  8. It happens every flight.... If the next waypoint requires a slight 15 degree turn (when VNAV is selected) the aircraft will perform a sharp turn to intercept it. In other aircraft this can be set manually to 30 or max but the default is auto where turns are mostly subtle. Again the real aircraft may behave this way, it just seems weird.
  9. Sorry I was referring to LNAV as well Any comment from anyone familiar with this?
  10. You can get it directly from Aerosoft by putting the old serial number during cart checkout. That's what I did with the CRJ.
  11. Hi, I've noticed the CRJ Pro takes even slight turns in the max 30 degrees. It also has some issues sometimes intercepting the next leg and gets into 1-2 S-turns. Is this normal, the way a real CRJ behaves like?
  12. There was an Envshade update released when the NGXu came out since the it's cockpit was dark as well when using Envshade. Maybe if it is reported in their forum they will release an update for the CRJ as well. They also added some shadow setting in their latest update which is supposed to cope with these situations.
  13. For those who missed the live stream by Dave, is there a recording or something? Seems like the content was removed
  14. Will the A330 have the same A320 logic based on fps, meaning it can go out of control if fps goes below 18?
  15. Thanks Stefan, will this be visible if I use HD resolution? Or only on 4k screens?
  16. Great news, will the VC include crispier fonts? I find it hard to read some of the text around the switches and LCDs in the VC.
  17. You don't find the airplane really quiet with the gear extended?
  18. @Mathijs Kok checking if there is any update?
  19. Hi Mathijs, I am referring to the loud wind sounds heard after gear extension, note how quiet the bus is after the gear is extended towards landing (when it's speed is low at the point that the regular wind sounds aren't heard I believe under ~180 knots). I believe this sound file was removed since it was being heard unrealistically during taxi. As for your point related to vibration sounds - are you planning to add a unique sound relevant during taxi? Shom
  20. Hi, Is there any plan to fix the missing rumble sound during taxi? I remember that previously the file was removed since it was causing a loud sound during taxi but now there is no wind rumble when extending the gear before landing, the bus is really quiet until touchdown. Using P3D v4.4 with v1.2.3.2. Thanks Shom
  21. Thanks but shouldn't I limit the AI bubble instead meaning the max number of aircraft to spawn? This happened during cruise and not within an airport.
  22. I'll check but I am pretty sure its unrelated since I experience this in every airport. Also, why is it not occurring when I use other aircraft? Thanks, Shom
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