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  1. Pilot Edge is supposedly the best for US ATC (esp. west coast of US).. the controllers are always online if you fly on the west coast..
  2. Just going by looks, A340s are the most beautiful birds in the Airbus fleet.. the A380 however is an ugly fatty.. but if someone makes an immersive product of either one of them, i'll buy it for sure.. that's what matters to simmers in the end.. look at how the TFDi 717 & Rotate MD-80s are selling... they're vintage aircraft but were modeled with a lot of depth & eye candy.. people are still buying them even though they're being retired in real life.. Now just imagine an Emirates A340 or A380 at the gate in OMDB at night with the dynamic apron lighting.. imagine doing the routine walk around for that beast admiring the sheer size, reflective glossy metal, ... drooling already..
  3. and if you're making a 340, pls bring it over to X-plane at some point in the future.. we miss you guys there!
  4. my vote is for the A340-300,500,600 series.. sure it may not be selling like hot cakes in real world.. but didn't PMDG make the iconic 747 3 times? it still sells in the virtual world even though she has nearly retired in the real world.. A340 is pretty iconic in the airbus world and in the end simmers will buy anything that is fully immersive.. and the 340 is not that obsolete yet.. she's still a contemporary of the 777..
  5. I own FSX & XP11 (which is my primary sim)... At some point I will sunset FSX & replace it with P3D V4. Incidentally, I also bought FSW on steam even after seeing all the videos and reviews which were mostly negative. and the main reason was it was damn cheap on steam - only 10$ in my country.. But I'm smart enough not to download & install it on my machine. .it is just not worth my time and hard disk space.. in the future, when they integrate it with TruSky, maybe i might install it then.. (check out TruSky video by the way).. here's why i didnt install it: 1. no WOW factor (yes 64-bit, VC rain, PBR are all good, but nothing new or nothing that goes beyond what X-plane does) 2. no addons except good GA 3. mainly for beginners, gamers.. not serious simmers 4. poor FPS in spite of not having any wow factor or goodies 4. dovetail communication model is the worst in the world.. absolutely no transparency.. they should take lessons from Aerosoft on how to preview a product, get user feedback, etc).. Dovetail worked in total secrecy and came out with a very inferior product and now they've gone back into a shell..
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