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  1. It isn't however it shouldn't be that much out of date, interesting. Also interesting that this change apparently hasn't made it to our A32S fleet yet because my FCOM for that one is current and it's not in there either
  2. Hi all As the title says, during managed descent the FMA in the A330 annunciates THR DES as the A/THR mode, however according to the documentation that I have that mode doesn't exist (and it doesn't make much sense either since there's no descent thrust rating, which is what THR CLB refers to), it should display SPEED instead. The screenshot below is from an A330 FCOM, ref DSC-22_30-10 (for more detail on the ATHR modes it's DSC-22_30-90), the same holds true for the A32S though so if that's shared code would be worth having a look at that too. Could you have a look at th
  3. If you right-click the app icon and select open from the drop down menu it should give you the option to open the app despite the warning in the error dialogue. I think this happens if an application package isn't signed but I don't honestly know for sure either
  4. Currently it seems that it only works with P3D, there's a download for a linker app here, but I don't know if anything for XP is in the works at the moment. Don't be too sad though, you're not missing out on much as it's not all that reliable even with P3D
  5. Thanks for taking take time to read through my complaints Yeah, though you could either build some sort of a spoofing algorithm that actually distorts the position (defo the hard way), or just input a random believable value in there, with GPIRS it shouldn't ever go over like 0.1 anyways Hmm, yeah, though somehow many other planes managed, probably by creating a bit of custom logic for that. Would defo be a quality of life upgrade. Didn't even think of that, I only know the two normal installations, Swiss doesn't have ADS-B in and thus no traffic selector and SAS
  6. Hi all So in general I've been enjoying the A330 a lot, it perfectly scratches the itch I've had for ages for a long haul Airbus. However I can't but help and notice a few issues, most of those are very minor but it still would be nice to see them fixed. These are in no particular order. ND2 draws VOR1: In VOR ROSE mode, the F/O ND shows VOR1 and the associated course, so when flying raw data (I know, Airbus, raw data VOR?!?) you can't really properly identify waypoints defined by radial crossing. ILS course marker on ND ARC mode is off: It seems that when the
  7. Just seen this guy yesterday at ILA, wanted to ask for a repaint ^^ Better timing is nearly impossible
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