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  1. That dark smoke should also be visible at low altitudes (at all altitudes as a matter of fact). But to remove it from the F-16, got to the aircraft.cfg of each model and look for the [sMOKESYSTEM] entry. You can delete that line all together, or disable it with two "//" in front of the line "smoke.0 = -23.55, 0.0, -1.7, fx_f16_smoke". Caution: the F-16AM Display and F-16C Clean have a different smoke entry, this is the white smoke used during the airshows.
  2. 100 shots? That explains a lot Well, I think I'll leave you to it then...
  3. Sweet paint Dag I like the bare metal look. Man, I can't wait until I have some spare time to do some paints myself...
  4. Looking good Marty. Very good for a first repaint. On your last question, probably there are two textures for the propeller cones, one for when it's static and one for when it's running. So you need to paint them both. I'm not familiar with the paintkit yet so I can't point them out to you but I think Dag or Yago can
  5. I don't know about others, but I enjoy it. Keep up the nice work. I've tried to make one myself but it's pretty hard to get any decent results. Can you tell how you do it?
  6. Got it! And glad that I have, damn what a great plane. And the sounds something you couldn't get from the screenshots. My compliments to the Cat-team
  7. On I read there is an update for My TrafficX, 5.2a. However when on the Aerosoft support and update site I can't find it, only update 5.1a and 5.1b. Will it be available there as well?
  8. Very nicely done! I got that same program used to make this nice 360s, however I never managed to get some real decent looking 360 panoramas. And I never thought of using FS screens for it, very nice
  9. Top paint job once again Dag. Now I really need to get my hand on this Cat, I've been drooling too long at all those nice pictures. If I only could buy some time with that as well....
  10. Wow, you're turning an already awesome plane in something even better. You're a true artist Stefan Thanks for the great work so far.
  11. That indeed is bad news. I wonder how good the backup of AVsim is, a lot of companies and FS enthusiast depend on their site/forum/library. Personally I had quite some paintwork on there I hope they're able to restore it to it's original state. On I read this:
  12. Yep, controls on the F-16 are the default FSX keys: smoke = "i" airbrakes = "/" visor up/down = "Ctrl+w" need more?
  13. What can I say other that FANTASTIC The Cat looks real nice. Perhaps the PH-PBY could use a little bit more polish to make it more shiny, but it's hard to judge from a few screenshots.
  14. Will it be available as download as well? That might also be a solution for some.
  15. Hey, we gaan niet vloeken hè?
  16. Really....? The J-016 comes to mind, but of course taste is subjective No, I too am getting more used to this scheme, but it still lacks something in my opinion. Anyway, Ray you did a great job on this paint, I really think I couldn't have it done much better.
  17. Thanks, where did you found out about this update? I can't find it anywhere on the Flylogic website.
  18. I'm interested in this one as well. It's also not yet available in the European shop, at only as box version. Will it be available in the shop as download as well (like the Tiger X)? I just love the Flylogic products :-)
  19. Are you watching the American Aerosoft site? There I see they published the announcement twice, probably a mistake. So it's the same, no new update on our textures update ;-)
  20. Here some slightly larger pictures, from It's orange that's for sure. But can't really say I like the design much....
  21. And to illustrate the before and after of this update package below two pics of the afterburner and canopy.
  22. Hi Tony, that's strange. By what I read you've done everything correct so that shouldn't be the problem. So far I haven't heard from anyone else having a problem with this paint. The only thing I can think of now is a missing texture.cfg file in the Texture.KLu_DEMO_J-016 folder. Can you check if it's there?
  23. The texture updates where approved by Mathijs, only problem was to make an advanced installer. But I think a zip-file on the server where the other updates for the F-16 are could be possible? If not I think AVsim is a good alternative. But also uploading it to Sim Outhouse won't have to be a problem?
  24. You should be able to select F-16s with different loadouts in free flight. In case you don't see them in the select menu make sure you've turned on the option "Show all variants" in the aircraft select menu.
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