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  1. How about having a real poll on top of the forum running for a week or so? You make a short list and in the end we'll see what's the preferred aircraft?
  2. Make that two! F-5A/B on top of my list, F-84 next. F-104 and F-4C/D/E come a close 3rd and 4th.
  3. That render makes my paintwork look almost real Damn, if FSX only could render like that. Perhaps with the new Aerosoft Flight Sim...?
  4. Impressive stuff Peter. There I am struggling to get a couple of AI f-16's decently in the air and you send half a squadron in the air at once. How does that work?
  5. Shaun, I hope you will be impressed even though it's not a C-130. Catching the wire with a KC-10, should work with such a big tail-hook on the back...
  6. There's a difference between selling DVDs with profit and getting donations...
  7. I'm downloading now, but I think it takes me some days until I got it all. But you don't necessarily need to download it all, you can also download just a couple of airports and leave the photo-underground out of it. And all but the photo-underground is also available from and later avsim as well.
  8. I gave this new soundpack a try. I like the internal sounds, it sounds much closer to the real thing (at least what I know from videos and real F-16 simulators). The outside sounds I have a bit more mixed feeling. I'm missing the characteristic F-16 high pitched tone (wizzle) when the engine is in idle. Also the "3D" sound effect that the default soundpack has is missing: there now is no difference in the sound from the front and back of the aircraft. The sound of the engine in full power is great, however in afterburner the sound becomes somewhat damped, sounds less powerful than when the engine is in mill-power. Is there a way to mix the two soundpacks, with the original sounds for the outside and the sounds of this pack for the inside?
  9. :excellenttext_s:Very nice work barak, thanks for sharing this. Good to see people still make repaints for the F-16. I wish I had more time to do some my own. Perhaps you could also upload them to the Aerosoft repaint download section?
  10. I don't believe anything anyone tries to tell me on this particular date
  11. You can't directly use the textures from the FS9 paint in FSX. The FS9 F-5E uses bmp textures, the FSX uses dds and are flipped vertically. But you can transform bmp into dds using imagetool. Imagetool came with the FS9 and FSX SDK, but if you google it you'll find it as well. Open the bmp files in imagetool and save them as dds files. That automatically flips the image vertically as well. Now you can use the textures on your FSX F-5.
  12. Last minute, decided to enter one of my favorite military planes in FSX: the Aerosoft F-16.
  13. Yes, this is what I've told you before. The F-16 hasn't landing lights that illuminate the ground because of the way it's modeled. Sorry for you if such a small thing ruins the whole product for you. Personally I learned to life with it and it don't bother me much anymore. It's your loss.
  14. You can try as hard as you want but you won't be able to get the lights of the F-16 to illuminate the ground. This was a problem we ran into during the beta and has never been fixed. For some reason it can't be modeled into the F-16. Sorry.
  15. Yes, that's how it should work (works for me) 1. enter the correct frequency and course in NAV1 with the DED 2. set the HDI Mode switch to ILS/NAV 3. right console, avionics power switch ST STA to off 4. now you should see the ILS cross in the HUD
  16. One request for a repaint is enough I started working on a repaint of this livery months back, but haven't had the time to finish it yet. Might take me some more time but I'll soon show some work in progress shots...
  17. Just in time, or did I miss it? Well, here are the Patrouille Suisse over Sion shooting some flares. Planes are the Patrouille Suisse X and scenery Switzerland X and Sion X all by Flylogic but also sold by Aerosoft
  18. Merry Christmas to all here and I wish for everyone a glorious 2010
  19. Correct, on page 40. Here's a guide to startup the F-16. I made it some time ago and never actually published it. Hopefully with this starting the F-16 won't give you any problems anymore. Give it a try F-16_startup_guide.pdf
  20. Or you can get EZ walk camera, that's free
  21. I found some pictures of the weekend via Some action pictures of you as well Mathijs
  22. Thanks for those tips. I'll try that out for sure
  23. Nice to hear you had a good time. I wanted to come over this year as usual but unfortunately didn't have any time for it Oh well, next year. Must have been fun flying with LelystadX while looking outside and seeing the real thing. Any pics of this year show?
  24. wow, that's a great one. Couple of my favorite FSX stuff as well It runs all so smooth in your movie, how do you do that? It all gets blurry when I fly fast jets over Switzerland. Oh, FYI Aerosoft has a special section for FS movies:
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