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  1. How does it actually works? When you load the plane, and you don't have a 2d panel, is the first screen you see the 2d view without panel or is it possible to load the plane and go directly to 3d?
  2. That's right, who needs a 2d panel when you have a fully operating 3d cockpit?
  3. If this is the cloud9 Schiphol you're talking about, then yes it animated docking gates. But not all gates are animated as that would cause an enormous fps drop. However, when you park at an active docking gate it automaticly works after you've set the parkingbrakes.
  4. I must have missed out on these screenshots, strange :oops: But what a great ones again Nick
  5. No more? This looks very interesting indeed
  6. Very nice work Dan. Thanks for this christmas present The A-10 goes very well with this scenery...
  7. I'm using the X52 for a few months now, and I can't wish for any better joystick And it's superb for flying helicopters.
  8. Mathijs, if you like products of other companies and post that on your own forum, i hope that you won't mind this: I think you'll like this plane as well. I think Dag has already informed you about it But like you said, that Rome scenery is just wonderful
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