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  1. Request Section There's no one mention Icon A5 yet. So I would like to request this wonderful light-sport aircraft. It was once in Microsoft Flight which I really miss to fly it. I know it also available as freeware version but not so good detail and cause my FSX sometimes CTD. ************************************ Respond Section Chiang Mai is my hometown and I lived there for 25 years. I really miss this city very much. There's a very wonderful freeware made by a man from A_A Sceneries already. This VTCC freeware has a wonderful detail compare to real airport, also some VFR object around Chiang Mai. You can search it in google, may be you will find it somewhere, or just contact him directly, because it was in Thai Flight Simulator community called "Thai Flight" but the website is now closed. This scenery already available for many years and it's one of most frequent airport I flew to in FSX/P3D. (I already test it with P3Dv4. It also works wonderfully too!). There are many detail sceneries for this list already available. But they are freeware, they are wonderful and fully detail. Some they are even on the working process for the new update. So the project of these sceneries are quite active, but it needs time. I suggest to go to facebook group page named Flight Simulator Thailand. It's a close group but there are some dev working on these sceneries and you can also get it too. You may need some translator because mostly post are in Thai language.
    Beautiful HD Cockpit. I see no performance hit on my machine, it run perfectly. Thank you so much.
  2. I would like to request A320 Bangkok Airways
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