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  1. Yes ErichB. It works both day and night in P3Dv4.1 but you have to put it in to the simulator manually. However I still wait for an official version.
  2. Thank you of a small update OPabst! I'm happy to fly to La Palma again soon
  3. Personal View I like to have standalone installer because I use multi platform flight simulator (FSX Box, FSX:Steam, P3D) and I want to have backup installer. Steam DLC is cloud backup. What if Dovetail put DLC away from store, then how can I reinstall DLC that I had purchased. It is only one thing I afraid to buy DLC for flight sim on Steam. Also as comment #12 said. That add-on from Steam can't use with another flight simulator platform. I don't want to repurchase again when buying direct from developer can use in the multi platform. Another reason, I like to collect box edition. Just to see them on my shelf, plus I can touch the physical disk with some of manual / airport chart that come with box edition is a better feelings than a digital download.
  4. Thank you so much Mathijs for open FSW topic. I play FSW for awhile and keep report any bug I found to help Dovetail improve their sims. I've only 25 hours on FSW, but I feel FSW is a very great simulator, especially rain on the window. I see many people complain about flight dynamic, honestly to say it's not so different compare to P3Dv4, which I also own. FSW has even A2A accufeel come with, which I find it fun to hear sound and some improve flight dynamic from FSX. Problems that I have with FSW are low fps issue, as in Dovetail Flight School. Strangely I've no problem about fps at all in P3Dv4, even my computer is quite old (5 years old). As many comment before, I agree that their UI is bad. It provides basic setting that I can't play with slider to balance setting to fit my system, however I already suggest this to Dovetail. I also hate to start on the runway and hope to see the new option to start at the gate with Cold and Dark option. About Steam platform is quite big problem for me. Once I had problem with Steam Client, which I can not use Steam for the whole weekend, so I can't launch any game that I've on Steam. FSX:Steam Edition and Dovetail Flight Sim World are both depend on Steam Client. In that time I can't access to both of this simulator. In my opinion, I would like to use a Standalone Simulator, like P3D or FSX Box Version instead. I've no problem with multiplayer at all, as FSX:Steam and FSW offer multiplayer on Steam, because I also use another cross platform community like FsCloud Virtual Airline VAS. So now I can fly with my friends who use X-Plane 11, FSX and P3D in the same time. About add-on via Steam Store. I'm a person who use many Simulator, for example if I want to fly A2A C182 but I don't have licence for P3D, I just move to fly this aircraft in FSX. Many of add-on such as Weather, Aircrafts, Sceneries from many developer are support multi platform. That is what I would like to buy, instead of lock platform. In FSW it's very complicated to put freeware scenery / freeware aircraft to work with. Mostly cause CTD. But in P3Dv4 is a different story. I have to dig into cfg file to put add-on scenery to make it work in FSW, which does not mean it is going to work 100%. Compare to P3Dv4, I just load P3D and put in the Scenery Library option, finish. There are a lot of things that I don't like about FSW, especially the light system, texture and colors, while P3Dv4 blow my mind, especially using P3D with PTA. But as the conclusion I still want to use FSW and see it improve better and better. At least we have choice for the flight sim newbie to choose as an alternative budget flight simulator. My friends, who are still young said to me that they can't afford P3D because of its price, even Academic Licence. FSX and FSW is still the good alternative for them to enjoy flying with a budget add-on to pay. Thus, the payment system helps them to effort flight simulator, because they have no Paypal account, credit card or online banking. They can just go to buy Steam Wallet from retailer to buy add-ons that Dovetail offer on Steam Store. In my opinion, I think first things that simmer will choose any Flight Simulator platform is how the graphic looks. I see many people hate FSW so much because it looks ugly, while FSW is actually similar to P3D in term of code and flight dynamic, only different with performance, features and FSW still in an Early Access. Some people forget about that. At the end I'll see how FSW community growing and decide again when FSW is already out of Early Access. But now after I decided to move from FSX to P3Dv4. I'll not turning back to FSX again.
  5. Request Section There's no one mention Icon A5 yet. So I would like to request this wonderful light-sport aircraft. It was once in Microsoft Flight which I really miss to fly it. I know it also available as freeware version but not so good detail and cause my FSX sometimes CTD. ************************************ Respond Section Chiang Mai is my hometown and I lived there for 25 years. I really miss this city very much. There's a very wonderful freeware made by a man from A_A Sceneries already. This VTCC freeware has a wonderful detail compare to real airport, also some VFR object around Chiang Mai. You can search it in google, may be you will find it somewhere, or just contact him directly, because it was in Thai Flight Simulator community called "Thai Flight" but the website is now closed. This scenery already available for many years and it's one of most frequent airport I flew to in FSX/P3D. (I already test it with P3Dv4. It also works wonderfully too!). There are many detail sceneries for this list already available. But they are freeware, they are wonderful and fully detail. Some they are even on the working process for the new update. So the project of these sceneries are quite active, but it needs time. I suggest to go to facebook group page named Flight Simulator Thailand. It's a close group but there are some dev working on these sceneries and you can also get it too. You may need some translator because mostly post are in Thai language.
  6. I'm sorry for a silly question. I've found an Avatar with flashlight. His name is "Airport Male Pilot 2".
  7. May I ask how to use the flashlight? I can't find the right instruction in the Manual. Is there any hot key for flashlight or will it pop up when it's the dark time, because I choose Chesley Avartar but I can't bring flashlight up. I use the latest version (v1.1), I believe.
  8. Thank you so much for your advise, Mathijs ! Now I feel confident to move to P3D after many years with FSX. But I'm afraid that I'll have to upgrade my GPU (Radeon HD7700 1GB) to Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB I hope DA-20 Katana, Mega Airport Dusseldorf, MadeiraX Evolution, IbizaX Evolution, La PalmaX, MaldivesX, MykonosX, TahitiX (or may be the new version) will also be soon available for P3Dv4 soon.
  9. Ok OPabst, thank you for your replied. Today from the result that I tested by removing people and birds away. The fps are improve. However I'm looking forward for v1.04 update and will now stop spending time to adjust things in v1.03.
  10. Hi Raymond66. I suspect the birds that fly over terminal may cause low fps. I also get around 17fps. (I'm not sure if there are also birds over Terminal in v 1.02 or not) When the birds is not showing up I get quite good fps (25-35). But when I taxi to the gate until the birds starting to appear. I notice that my fps drop constantly. It also could be any object near terminal. Low fps always appear when I getting near the terminal. It would be very nice to have a tool to choose what object we don't want to improve fps without messing files in Scenery folder (like turn on/off people at the terminal, traffic near airport, birds at terminal or halo lights)
  11. May I ask if this new version of Innsbruck will be like the whole new product as Frankfurt V2? or will it be an update for Innsbruck's old version (Box Version)?
    Beautiful HD Cockpit. I see no performance hit on my machine, it run perfectly. Thank you so much.
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