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  1. Now it works. The sim.cfg that you attached is different than the one that Mathijs attached, which is probably the very reason why the workaround didn't work before. Before: [General] Category=Viewer Module=default After: [General] Category=Viewer Module=SODE Anyway, thanks to both of you!
  2. Hey Hans I don't have the XMLs for those two airports in the folder. Below is a screenshots of the folder. It contains XMLs for all my installed P3D v5 Aerosoft Airport expect Geneva and Zurich. I already did a reinstall of Zurich but the XML is still missing.
  3. @Mathijs Kok I performed the workaround as you described. However, the issue with the turned away SODE Jetways still occures as before. I explicitly checked after performing the steps, that the file at "C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\LSGG_Jetways\sim.cfg" is the same as that, which you posted above.
  4. @Mathijs Kok Thanks for the workaround. It seems like you forgot to attach the mentioned sim.cfg.
  5. Hello I recently made the move to P3Dv5 and thus reinstalled all my Aerosoft Airport. I noticed after installing Geneva professional ( and Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 professional ( that those products are missing in the Aerosoft Updater. With the older versions in P3Dv4 those were listed in the ASUpdater. All other Aerosoft products that I own are correctly integrated into the ASUpdater. Thanks.
  6. I also noticed the strange SODE Jetway behavior in Geneva, where the Jetways are moving up in the air, when they are selected via TAB+S. Are there any updates regarding a possible fix? Thanks
  7. Thank you guys for the help, the Texture issues no longer appear after applying the GES Hotfix
  8. Thank you guys. Are the Hotfixes still valid for the P3D V5 Version?
  9. Hello For a while now I'm seeing some texture issues in P3D V4.5 and the Mega Airport Zurich Scenery (latest version for P3D V4). It basically looks like there are parked containers all around the airport. Yesterday I finally made the transition to P3D V5 on a fresh installed Windows 10. After installing the Mega Airport Zurich Scenery ( I'm still seeing the same issues. The attached pictures are from P3D V5. I'm pretty much using all the ORBX Products (Global Base, openLC Europe, Vector, Germany North/South) if this could be related. The Zurich Scenery is at the top of the Scenery Library, above all the ORBX Products. Has anyone else come across this? I also noticed that the Zurich Scenery for P3D V5 is no longer listed in the Aerosoft Updater. Is this normal? Thanks.
  10. Same here, the Scenery wasn't added after installation in P3D V5.
  11. Anyone? I can't be the only one experiences this.. I did a fresh install which hasn't made a difference and applied all the fixes from the Hotfix Thread, which also didn't fix the issue. Thanks for any support.
  12. I did a complete re-install including Windows. So nothing old there.
  13. Hello When using the LSZH Professional Scenery in P3D v4.5, I'm getting very bright Lights from the Distance. I've already applied this Hotfix, which solved this issue in P3D v4.4 and lower for me. However, now it seems to doesn't work anymore.
  14. Same here, this also happens when using the Web Version. Regards, Simon
  15. Jop, genau von dort kenn ich das auch @Oliver Das Pushbackfahrzeug ignoriert die AI Flieger doch auch.
  16. Ich würde mir folgendes Wünschen: Nebst dem FollowMe könnte man sich von einem Pusback Fahrzeug zum Gate fahren lassen. Ich seh das relativ oft, dass so die Flieger z.B. aus dem Wartungshallen zum Gate befördert werden.
  17. Hi Mathijs I just bought Faro X, but i only find the FSX Version in the Download Area Regards, Simon
  18. Hallo zusammen Wenn ich in der Softwareübersicht den MAF (FS9) deinstallieren will, passiert beim Klick auf Entfernen gar nichts. Wenn ich bei einem anderen Produkt auf Entfernen klicke geht das normal. Ich verwende Windows 7 (64-bit). Weiss jemand was das sein könnte. Gruss, Airbus_Simmer
  19. Guten Tag zusammen Ich habe mir letzten Dezember Rail Works via Steam gekauft. Vor einpaar Wochen wurde ein grösseres Update heruntergeladen. Ist das bereits Train Simulator Rail Works 2010 oder muss ich mir das nocheinmal kaufen? Danke und Gruss, Airbus_Simmer
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